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Perhaps this is more of letting things out at last. *note i'm only 15.
Bear with me:
Excuse me if I sound analytical or like a T, not that I should put so much emphasis on Mbti since although every type is similar, they're all very different but i'm quite certain i'm an INFJ. Since i'm male, I prefer Ti over Fe so I like to analyze everything to understand how it a/effects me (atleast that's what I think Ti is) but even though I am hard and intimidating, it is only a barrier to repress my intense emotions. And I have learned the hard way that I simply CANT repress my emotions so I don't anymore. Also, I tend to mimic people I like and I adore intelligent people so I mimic the way they talk/write (like Sheldon Cooper from BBT-more so his talking). It's not just writing but I also play football and I have noticed that if somebody is better than me at something I am unconsciously mimicking them. I believe this is due to Se being the inferior function and since the inferior function plays in the unconscious realm, I am unconsciously watching how people do things. I also notice that the reason I can read/understand people (empathy) is that Se, being the inferior function, makes me unconsciously taking note of how somebody moves, talks, etc. because Se= pretty much using all the 5 senses in the outer world of people. I believe how this works is that since Se is watching people unconsciously, whenever somebody acts..lets say..angry..I take note of how this person acts so the next time somebody acts this certain way I call it "intuition" because i've unconsciously stored it into my memory so whenever somebody becomes angry again, i just KNOW if it's real or not and say "no..I just KNOW if you're angry" or something like that. Only a theory :p.

It's either INFJ, INFP, or INTJ. Although I like to be free and not held down, I would prefer it if things were organized or "structured". That takes out the P and I know i'm an NF because I want to do something big but towards human (like president or something) rather than do something scientifically. So INFJ.

I have recently fallen for an ENTP, not going into detail about if she is but I am very cautious when it comes to somebody I like and I am quite certain she is ENTP. She played me. Bad. Tricked me into thinking she liked me. There I said it. Even now I can't even fully accept that she did because me it just doesn't make sense. And I know when something makes sense or not but well here:*note I'm only 15.
She's the constantly talking good looking girl who has tons of friends and likes to lead on boys for the fun of it because she likes the attention and power she has. I'm that confident loner who you usually sees walking alone cold and intimidating but if you come up to me my Fe comes out and I warm up.
-A month or two ago- -She sits across from me to my left in 2nd hour-
Whenever I walk into the room she suddenly stops talking and I can tell she is uncomfortable when I'm around. I can tell by how she looks at me that she is as attracted to me as I am to her. BUT I didn't want to start anything so I sort of ignored her alot but she kept trying to get my attention. She tried 3 times to talk to me but I sort her the cold shoulder. I know bad move. But the third time she tried asking me for gum because she saw/sees me chewing on something and thought i was chewing on gum but little did she know I was chewing on paper. So she asks and I say no which I could tell really hurt her but what could I have said? She was constantly looking away when I was near, avoiding eye contact, getting moved by me, would look away whenever i'm walking towards her. I have even caught her looking at me once but she turned away in embarrasment. I believe she thought I wasn't interested in her but I really was so I acted like how I always act: intimidating, ignoring everybody, and acting like i'm dominant (which I most likely do only to protect my "Fe-ish". I decided there would be less pain if I just tell her I do like her but don't want to start anything. So I told her on Facebook. I know, how unmanly of me right? Haha, only a joke but I wrote this medium ish post explaining to her what I thought of her and tried to keep it direct, on topic, and short as possible. In a sense that was the wrong move and I sort of gave her "power", or leverage, and she thought it was a sort of "I want to start something" so I reread my message and I totally forgot to explain to her I didn't want to start anything getting too caught up in what makes her beautiful. So I tell her and I believe she starts..oh i don't even know..but as far as I can tell she mimicks me. In how I act towards HER and to others. I don't think she realizes she's micking me at all but from there on we sort of fight each other in this body language battle because we're to afraid of talking with each other. Me because she scares (and I'm not scared of much) yet intrigues me to all ends. Her because I BELIEVE I have ignored her so much that she is afraid of the repitition of rejection. But we go at each other hard and it's an intense battle. Lasts for 2and a half weeks? But the thing is that I am considered attractive, though I have low self-esteem, and I am very good and leading women on. Yeah I know I don't like it either but i'm trying to stop but it's sort of the thing where "Because I can". SHE also lead men on so when we met it was sort of like an alpha female and male showing each other who's better. We go at it like wild beasts, one week i'm down on the ground and feel disgusted and insecure/depressed-ish like she doesn't like me but for some reason I always bounce back. *excuse if some sentences doesn't make sense, sometimes I think ahead of what i'm writing. The next week she's down and SHE actually feels depressed-ish and like I don't like her but the next week she herself bounces back up and gets the advantage. *also note that I THINK this is going on. It could be that i'm a crazy individual who lacks understanding others. Which I don't think so..haha..

My emotions are pretty much repressed and held down in my heart where now my feelings are numb. So i don't really break up and even if I do my heart and will always reform. But, a month and a half later, as we're going at it, I break. I couldn't stand it any longer and all my emotions finally come out and I quit this war. It was bad considering you should never bottle up emotions and I was bottling and denying feelings of love (affection) mixed with a bunch of other emotions. Anguish, distress, anger, etc. because I won't allow myself to have her. Sorry for not adding this earlier but I'm not looking for a relationship and this is a stubborn belief. And there you go, she beats me, real bad. I lost. I now realize that the reason i lost is because she has people while I sit by myself. She uses it to her advantage and flirts with boys to fuck with my feelings. It works and I can't stand it anymore. So i decide that i'm approaching wrong and *this is current-aweek ago-* I decide to do nothing since I can't do anything anways. As all my emotions finally come out I decide that I want to explain to her (in a long post..) that it would never work for us. Atleast not now and I'm not ready. I'm quite matured for my age and I'm as "smart" as a Junior or Senior. I explain to her that she's still a little kid. Or perhaps I'm just too old for her but my arrogance takes over and I explain to her that "this diamond you can never have. You can have all the friends you want but you can never have me. Either way I win. I became stubborn and refused to move while you were ignorant and glazed over the obvious. That's why you lose this war. You have tons to learn and you're only a little girl. I wonder if you see the potential you have under that exterior you display." I know this sounds bad and stuff but I was trying to make a point. Possibly a last act from the darkness. As I look back upon my posts to her I realize how i can sound like an obssessed idiot. There has been a total of four long posts to her to which she has not responded to any of em. Who would anyways? So I cannot say she likes me based on observations alone. Even if I am quite certain she likes me I cannot assume so since she has not said anything. We have both gotten used to each others aura/vibe and act like the other doesn't exist. Yet from my point of view I cannot forget her. My feelings for her are strong. Until this happens: I believe she got tired and sick of me and decides to exploit my posts to her friends. Her friend actually comes up to me explaining how I am obssessed and need to get out of her life. I was absolutely stunned. There was around a 60% chance she liked me but I bumped it up because of my want of her. She is now making fun of my name and telling everybody how I am "this" and "that". *this is recent*. Could it be possible that I was wrong? I was SO sure though. I over analyzed everything (could be compensatory form of Se) and saw all the different possibilities of everything just incase. She wants me to go away, that i'm sure of, but yet even now I wont fully accept that she doesn't like me. Well aftarwards, I get mad. And although I feel emotions fiercely I have learned to control my emotions and not act of them but this time I didn't care. It was rage. I told her, once again on FB..yes I know.., that "You didn't have to exploit and tell everybody about my mistake. Not that I really care what others think about me but it just showed your true colors. You fucked with me back, do you want a clap of hands? *clap clap. I give you props fro being able to make me feel emotions in a while. You even blinded me, another clap *clap. If you ever fuck with me again, I'll fuck with you the only way I can: mentally and emotionally. You lost your chance girl, don't ever talk to me again. We're not friends, we're enemies." That was yesterday.

My stories pretty much done and I would like some feedback. Of course I could have been wrong but I felt so sure. My heart hurts so much right now. I'm confused. It is possible she is only doing this to fuck with me but I don't think so. Could it be possible all along I was wrong? Perhaps this is an ENTP trait. That I don't know and i don't ever want to know anymore because sometimes I overanalyze too much and get too much possibilities. She cut me deep and fast but my heart will reform and by then i believe I will move on because what good would grieving do? It is possible I have left out things but i need to go to sleep now. If you've read everything, explain to me what you think is going on because as far as I have noticed, I have blind spots. I still don't believe I'm wrong and that she doesn't like me but if I have to, I will.

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I'm going to be completely honest...I skimmed this. My eyes are tired.
But here are some thoughts...

I'm sorry you were hurt. Love and heartache hurts at any age, and I feel for you. I'm so sorry your heart is aching.

I think you're putting too much weight on whether or not she is an ENTP. We don't really have enough of a view of her to make a judgement of her type, but to be honest...she's a person. She's a girl. And she's a teenager.
Those three things tell me this...
She probably doesn't know what she wants. Most people don't at that age. Most people don't when they're older, either.
She was probably very, very hurt by the things that you said to her. You responded out of anger and hurt, and said some very, very nasty things to her. Honestly, I think you owe her an apology. Just to be brutally blunt with you. I understand how easy it is to aim right at the heart of someone when you are defensive and angry, but it is a thing you will need to learn in life, as you grow older, to contain.

As an INFJ, or any intuitive person, we naturally know how to hit at the core. We know where to hurt people, and we do it well. It is a gift, but a very dangerous one. If you are not careful, you can destroy a person with it.

While it was wrong of her to treat you the way she did, and to share your private conversations with others, I do think it was wrong of you to say the things that you did to her.

Forgive, forgive, and forgive again. It's really hard. But it's necessary. Because the hatred and animosity that will inevitably build up over time will hurt you much more than it will hurt her.

So my advice?
1. Apologize. Don't expect an apology in return.
2. Move on. Let her go her separate way, and find someone who is trustworthy and won't play games with you.
3. Take this situation to heart and learn from it. It will help you when you're older if you learn from each of these situations that arise.
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Hrms, okay. I read it, but sorry if I missed anything (my brain isn't really functioning enough to process walls of text.)

While I would caution against typing others and stereotyping those types, I'll go with the idea that this is really the types in question.

For ENTPs, this is pretty par for the course. Constant one-upping, gaming others (even if they like them.) It really is just a game to them, they don't see it as harmful, and probably even more so for an immature ENTP (I'm sure you won't mind me saying, when one is 15 there is a lot of maturing to be done. :p) Go take a gander over at the ENTP boards, a lot of them are in constant competition mode. But once feelings get involved, watch out, things can either go south really quick or they will be the best thing ever.

They need novelty, and they need intrigue, and INFJ pretty much fills the bill (and sometimes can seem to be the only type that can hold their attention for more than two seconds.) I can speculate for hours on the INFJ/ENTP that seems to be floating around the interwebs. It's a really enigmatic combination, though it serves well that both types are intrigued by enigmas.

When people are a little more mature, the game can be enjoyable and fun even if it's in a emotionally tiresome way. But when you mix in crazy raging hormones/high school environment, yeah, that's like dancing around in a field of mines. I'd say let it go and just learn from it. While it may not feel like it, I'm sure there are more important things going on than flaky chicks. :p
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