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I have 2 questions, I appreciate answers to either! Thanks in advanced!

As a very developed INFJ teenager, I'm interested in looking in familiarizing myself in the terminology, classification, and intellectual enjoyment in acquiring said knowledge. Namely to help translate my more complicated analysis of the world around me the appropriate nomenclature. The more I better myself, the greater my capacity to help others is! :)

Recommendations for sources you found to be accurate , descriptive, and well put together would be greatly appreciated! I am aiming to put together a binder basically.

MBTI , SLOAN, or Enneagram first, (Which one is easiest to apply and identify/or you recommend - visual learner)

- How did you guys learn?

Side question

I've already done a substantial introspection into myself and INFJ's and I'm very comfortable with how good of a match I am , at a core. I'm curious as to what traits would be common among developed INFJ's - it's a gap in my knowledge I didn't find covered anywhere. This is in relation to a rather unique shell on top of the normal one most commonly identified with INfJ's. I'm only 17, and i've spent at least a couple thousand hours of introspection into myself and developing who I am. This massive amount of introspection was the result of this mindset I developed, best described as so.

My rough childhood and acquired independence early on lead me to search for answers to problems in ways I could solve on my own - you have to be able to help yourself before others can. I developed a strong T function to interpret everything before I let it get to my emotions. Often my mood / comfortableness / choice determines when this comes down. Unlike most INFJ's of just being distant from everything, I have the choice to become completely emotionless , purely logical, and no feelings. That being said, since I'm so comfortable with myself I always take into my feelings in terms of thoughts, when I understand them and have thought everything through, my feelings are controlled. This helps me understand the world around me and allows me to take care of myself first, so I am able to help others. If i'm an emotional mess, I am of no use to anyone. This state allows me to be extroverted and operate freely with others with others regardless of the situation, I'm still immensely private when it comes to personal matters but in your typical situation this never comes up. My life is indebted to helping and giving to others since everything in life we have can be taken away from us, our accomplishments, everything. This only leaves us with our happiness and all the small things that make life worth living.

My question is a step towards a developed INFJ or more towards a learned personality trait/learned change in personality? Does this trait conflict with being an INFJ or do classifications only target a persons core or their whole being?

After having typed this out I feel like I've just come to understand my feelings and that has allowed me to comfortably act in society extravertedly while still staying distant/protecting myself. Learned to translate my heart into my thoughts, rather than wearing it on my shoulder.
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