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A long time ago, my intuition led me to be super active on youtube (I am not active when it comes to commenting on youtube anymore). I didn't know why, but I went there anyway. From youtube, I got to know two people who, little did I know, were about to become my closest friends as well. (I met one of them already in real life, and I still know the other one well enough). I didn't know back then, but later in life, they had taught me very valuable lessons in terms of being strong and humble.

Years later, when I hit a very rough patch (2010 haha), my intuition nudged me all the way through forums until I found PerC. I know it sounds weird, it's like,''hah, you can get answers about your life from forums?'' Yes, you can! (At least for me) At first I was still in the background a bit, then something bad happened again which made me become even more active on INFP forum.

For some reason, my intuition kept telling me,''You will find answers and comfort here..Some people here might change your life completely.''

I didn't know why at first, but it turns out I've learnt a lot of things from some INFP's (not all though);

These INFP's showed me that:

  • Peace, internally and externally, is often underrated. They helped me keep in touch with how important peace is in this world.
  • I am not crazy for being idealistic and I can never change myself to become non-idealistic, and it doesn't mean I have a mental disorder
  • I am not crazy for being sensitive to vibrational energies :crazy:
  • That me being emotionally honest isn't as bad as I thought. I honestly thought people would automatically rule me out as insane, but surprisingly my posts were thanked and via PM I was even given encouragement.

Thank you, guyz, humbly for keeping in touch with a value I once forgot from time to time and for changing my life.

Thus, intuition is actually a life saver when one believes in it enough.
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