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My mom is driving me mad.

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She's racist (despite having two mixed-race daughters) and homophobic, and is quick to judge other people who don't look "normal" while constantly talking about freedom of expression. She thinks that my dad (they're divorced) is out to destroy her and is using me as a "pawn", and she constantly insults me for being an atheist. She thinks that the things I do and enjoy are evil and will destroy my life: listening to heavy metal (or, as she calls it, "angry man music"), dying my hair black, buying skull earrings and not being particularly feminine.

She also obsesses over everyone's weight (including mine, whereas I don't care), and actually caused my sister to develop an eating disorder. She thinks I'm "unusually angry," but denies ever saying it unless she's screaming at me. Whenever I talk about a text or email I got from my dad or my stepmom, even it it's just a lame pun or something, she gets very jealous, but at the same time gets upset when I don't text her while I'm at my dad's house.

She will also just ignore things I say: I'll be talking about something, and she'll appear to be listening but then start talking about something totally different without even giving a one-word response, or I'll be talking about something and she'll disregard it, saying that I'm too young to understand.

And finally, I seem to have become her "friend who knows about computers."

What do I do, O wise people of PerC!?
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I'm afraid you just have to bear it until you grow up and become independent.
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