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I'm so old I was one of the first AOL chat users.

Also, I was on Google and eBay almost from its inception, but I can't take credit for either: An incredible human being, David Rivera, knew where that was heading before I had heard of those places; he's maybe 10 years younger than me, so in his mid-40s, now.

Hell, I was using mainframe computer programs, and had a big old DOS-based home computer.

I used to get paid to help people solve computer problems.

I will say this (aimed, joshing) at [...]

I used the computer as a word processor, at home (DOS-based, then Windows at home for writing (word processor), women's chat, no email. And a hell of a lot of research.

Now I finally got a cell phone though apparently it's called an IPhone, whatever the main distinction, who cares, and it's a Jitterbug for the joint-problems--I need the Big Buttons...


I did searches without Google; never used it much until my boss, David Rivera, got the legal interns and me together to explain how to use it to best advantage for promoting the start up non-profit.

I had trouble seeing what he did, though I trusted his vision.

And then slowly I got what he was doing, and why he was asking us to keep "hitting" various terms. I was good at brainstorming the terms but didn't see, at first, how the means and the end were going to fit together... until one day I did.

As for the searches [that I did for my personal projects before I met him], they came to me easier, without before Google, I think, in part, because I had worked for the government and some of places I visited had computers the size of really wide and tall double-door refrigerators that were lit up like something out of original Star Trek episodes.
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