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My other best friend also scored as INTJ :p

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My other best friend, who's a guy, he also scored as INTJ!

So it turns out I have two INTJ best friends in my female best friend and one of my guy best friends.

So it turns out all this time without me realizing my life had been dominated so much by INTJ's!!!!

So why the hell do I not get along with a number of INTJ's online? XD
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Hi y so lucky.

I wish I knew some INTJ's in real life ;____; They rock. Especially the girls. -shot-

As for your question, I guess uhh...bad luck? .____.
Maybe those INTJ's will come around. ;O
Or it could be

INTJ's I know = Nice ones

Some INTJ's online = Assholes

hahahahaaha kidding, kidding
Have you ever interacted with your friends online? I imagine they come across kind of different - although in knowing them it would still be easier for you to get their perspective when they do. Usually in writing we are more precise and more confident and even more focussed on explicating our message with clarity & without the social frills. And we will be even less careful in our own forums since we get each other and we don't have to work so hard to avoid misinterpretations there. We know the kind of supposedly harsh things we say, but we know that behind it there is but rarely any malice, and we think in enough the same way that we can find the perspective the other person is speaking from without personalising it. IRL, though it may not seem so, many if not most INTJs are turning it down and tiptoeing all the time due to others' penchant for making the wrong assumptions about what we say, and to just communicate directly is such a relief -- since even when we are tiptoeing, people get mad. I know heartturnedtoporcelain says I come off very different online & she sees people reacting badly to it & she knows, because she knows me, how incredibly off the mark it is - and it it is a mix of hilarious and annoying, apparently. I find many INFPs come across differently online too - in your forum when it's all each other and you have everyone writing "poor sweetie" messages, it is easier, far, to complain about things - things you can't or won't complain about in real life. But IRL, few INFPs complain that much, not until they are really pushed. You are not giant vacuums sucking out emotional support from everything and everyone - though if one read only the forum, one might get that impression. It's just that you can need it and many of you have few sources so tons of it come out here. It's a safe place. The 'finally - people who get it - I don't have to repress my real thoughts/feeliings' s a big factor on this site.
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Also, it could be a matter of development. Maybe the INTJ's you know are more refined when it comes to touching bases on an emotional level, or maybe they've adjusted to you over time, as opposed to the ones that you've met over the internet who uhh...don't know you that well .-.
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