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My husband and I have recently been trying to figure out the types of his sisters, who are twins. We've come to the tentative conclusion that they must be the same Type, but having taken on opposite roles in some things to make them appear more different externally.

Identical relations between psychological ("personality") types

From the above link:

In order for Identical relations to last, one partner has to take a role of the Dual as if it was a Duality relationship. Usually it happens naturally. If the two are introverts, one often subconsciously attempts to take care of the extroverted side of things, if the two are thinking types, then one would try to fill the resulting emotional void etc. Different backgrounds and function developments of Identical partners could help in this case, however as with any other relationship there has to be a driving force behind it to keep it going.
I will call my sisters-in-law Twin A and Twin B...


They are probably both Introverts, but Twin B acts slightly more Extraverted.

They both enjoy Sensing activities, but Twin A is less-inclined to "extreme" sports and more inclined towards reading and "book learning."

They are probably not iNtuitives.

They were both high school Valedictorians, and both worked very hard for it; but Twin B would not have worked so hard if it had not been for Twin A. The line between Feeling and Thinking is hard to draw...

So here's a question. Do you folks think that it is

Easier for a Thinker to become a Feeler, or

Easier for a Feeler to become a Thinker?

It's also difficult to figure out whether they are Perceivers or Judgers, though my husband says that Twin B definitely seems to take on more of a leadership role in the relationship.

Assuming that they are both the same Type, the most likely possibilities, then, are

ISFP, with Twin A more Thinking and iNtuitive, and Twin B more Extraverted and Judging.

ISFJ, with Twin A more Thinking, iNtuitive, and Perceiving, and Twin B more Extraverted.

ISTP, with Twin A more iNtuitive, and Twin B more Feeling, Extraverted, and Judging.

ISTJ, with Twin A more iNuitive and Perceiving, and Twin B more Feeling and Extraverted.

Any thoughts?
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