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Hello all.

I was productive this last UK COVID lockdown; I wrote a book. A book about my struggle to love and commit.

I wrote it because I want to move past some of the negative patterns I've been stuck in for so many years. I want to open more. Trust more. Experience love. Stop pushing people away.

The book - Postponement: A memoir on avoiding love and commitment - is deeply personal and searingly honest; I think many of you hear will get a lot from reading it, although it certainly won't be everyone's cup of tea. It's available on Amazon.

I'm glad I've finally completed something. Even if it is an account of my shortcomings. I do hope it brings a smile, insight, solace, but no pity. The publishing of the book has been painful in some ways; costly to some relationships with people close to me (fate loves irony). But I trust much more good will come out of it than bad.

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Finishing a novel is a wonderful accomplishment... it must've taken much bravery to publish yourself
so candidly. Are you planning on writing more works in the future?
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