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Hey people! So I don't really know how this whole forum thing works, :kitteh: but gosh haha I'm liking all of the cat emoticons.
I've looked around the threads a bit and I have to say I identify both with ENFP and INFP posts. I've found myself becoming more ambiverted than usual, maybe part of changing naturally, but I have here a few struggles from an ENFP caught between the chains of INFP and Extraversion! :kitteh:

1. I've noticed that when an introvert is at least mildly upset, no one seems to care, or at least they assume it's an introvert thing. On the contrary, when an extravert is even mildly upset, they are interrogated profusely with questions regarding their well-being.

2. ENFPs are normally regarded as too crazy or too daydream-y to be even somewhat intelligent. While we do have our moments, (I have many :wink:) we are just as intelligent as your common INTJ, for example. We just show more of ourselves, or at least the part that we want you to see. :laughing:

BUT, being an ENFP certainly has advantages (from my viewpoint, not being biased or anything haha). You're already set for life because everybody thinks you're off-the-charts cute just because of your natural bubbliness (I really don't know how that's spelled hehe)
Plus, you are naturally inclined towards people AND ideas, but have enough logic to keep you on the ground in a dire situation or when someone needs help. All in all, I absolutely ADORE being ENFP, though I heard it was the most introverted extrovert, which seems to fit a lot with me.

:kitteh::kitteh::kitteh::kitteh::kitteh::kitteh::kitteh:eek:h and most ENFPs like cats too :kitteh:

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