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I enrolled to a private English college with a specialisation in of journalism. Because I wanted to be a journalist that crusades for Truth and Justice. I passed entry exam but I got a confirmation over a month after classes began, which was the beginning of problems.

Meanwhile there were political trouble starting in my country. An especially vile party got political power and they had vile plans of censoring media, especially games and music. There was a constant sense of threat of censorship.
Of vile alien hand reaching out to destroy work of creators.
I thought about it obsessively and had trouble relaxing and often had trouble sleeping.
To make things worse, my resistance to lack of sleep has decreased drastically and not sleeping resulted in migraines and irritability. I suffered this for a week and then simply started waking up after 8 hours sleep, no mater what hour I managed to get asleep at.

At some point I realised that there are two vile ideological enemies of the worst kind in my 5 person class. I was talking about our favourite games with one guy and we talked about evils of censorship and suddenly they expressed their love of censorship and fanatical hatred of freedom of creators. I immediately stopped viewing them as human beings and started obsessively hating them and wishing them death.
I often would lay down in bed in late night, full of helpless rage. I thought as bad as when I was bullied in the end of primary school. It was a nightmare. Having to share time and space with these vile hostile alien creatures. It was unbearable. I couldn't focus on lessons and my sleep schedule became even more erratic.
Additionally I found my self in a conflict of values with the class because they were cheating on exams which is a think I don't do. I thought about denouncing the two enemies to teacher but I didn't because the rest of the class could hate me for snitching.

There was also a time with my reactions altered by bullying sliding into discussions on video gaming forums, where I was no longer able to keep my cool when encountering opponents of my cherished gaming values (it was in the dark times before Kickstarter where fanatics of FPP games falsely claimed about how isometric view and turn-based mode are outdated. There were many of them and they were fanatically dedicated to their lies and supported by corrupt game journalists. The same journalists that now give high notes to games like Wasteland 2 and Pillars of Eternity, believed that such games were a relic of the past. Lying scum engaging in cultural vandalism.)

In the end I haven't passed the first semester, because of problems with studying/sleeping/etc. and joining a month too late.
I was kicked out of the college.

I went to a "website design course" which turned out to be just a basics of HTML course. I wanted to know more, so in March, 2007 I went to an IT junior college with specialisation in computer graphics. It was a pretty bad school, with most of students being interested only in avoiding the army (I was considered unfit for service due to all that stuff that happened to me).
We restarted programming 3 times because working students didn't have time to study and I didn't know yet how to create a studying habit. Somewhere around that time I stopped having attacks of rage.

I don't remember the period of second half of 2007 to first half of 2008 well.

In April 2008 I got a job as a security guard in a hotel thanks to nepotism. It was pretty horrible because some moron thought that 12 hour workdays are a great idea.

I had trouble sleeping and after a week of sleeping 4 hours a day, I couldn't get asleep at all and was like a zombie and unable to do my duties, so I called in sick after which I got fired. Everyone got very angry at me for some weird reason.
At work I sometimes had trouble holding back tears because I was terrified that my mother's property valuation company will go bankrupt and it will be over for us.

I got another job in a month later. Cleaning in a factory. I was lucky because a lot of workers resigned and they needed lots of people "for yesterday" so they couldn't do the usual recruitment through nepotism.
It was a very unpleasant job and factory was noisy and the job was about cleaning spilled machine oil from the floor. After some time when I closed my eyes I would see spilling oil and hear the noise of machines. Despite that the conditions were much worse than in an office job, it paid only minimal wage. It caused me to revise my political and social views. I used to have contempt for workers and had libertarian views. I gained new respect for physical jobs and seeing how much depends on regulations and how senseless is how rewards for work are set, I changed my views to social-democratic.

I worked there only for a month, because I was still suffering from effects of my late primary school bullying. I got late to work a few times because I had to go to toilet for a longer time just before going out. Finally I solved the problem by going to toilet just after arriving to work. Then I started having to go to toilet more and more often (several years later I realised that this was caused by chafing by toilet paper, especially poor quality one available at work, not by stress).
At some point I learned that someone has snitched on me, lying that I go to toilet to draw. Such lies drove me to rage.
Generally, I felt worse and worse, though, also because of financial worries and about 20 days after I started working I started having horrible stomach aches and diarrhoea like in primary school and I was unable to go to work any more and I was fired.
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