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I realise it must all be set up. There can be only one explanation why everyone wants me to die.
A test of some sorts. I am the chosen one and I have to make an important decision.

It's obvious that I don't deserve all that stuff that happened in my life and that is planned for me. I'm a superior individual. I've never smoked a single cigarette, I never took drugs, I never got drunk. I haven't cheated at school. I'm so much better than ~95% of people in this country.
Sometimes I feel like the only true human in the world. Others are just automatons devoid of normal human instincts.

I guess that's why I'm a chosen one and that's why it's important to not allow me to live a prosperous life. Or any life.


By the way, the vocalist is an ENFP.

It's like Campbell's Hero's Journey. I'm refusing the call, but they are going to force me to be a hero anyway. Whatever happens, I never asked for this.
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