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In 2014 we were trying to start up a used toy store with my uncle. He'd send me a few crates of used toys he bought cheaply on markets in UK and I had to carry them to my basement. The crates with toys weighted about 20kg each.
Soon I started having back pains and leg pains which initially were so bad that I folded up and wasn't able to walk straight.
It lasted for about two weeks. Luckily I had Nordic walking sticks which somewhat helped me to move around the flat. Finally I had to take Ketonal injections for 10 days and the back pains decreased.

X-Ray has shown narrowed inter-vertebral space between two pairs of vertebrae in lower back and scoliosis (which I was treated for with correctional gym when I was a kid/young teen).

Now I can't carry heavy weights and I have to lie down after a hour or so of sitting or my back muscles get tired and I start getting lower back pains.
I usually walk with a Nordic walking sticks to take weight off my lower back.

At Saturday, I had 8 hours of school which was quite a burden. On the next day, I had to go home after 2 hours because I had trouble staying upright.

Which makes me wonder how would I keep a job even if I'd find one. I need to finally get to a neurologist and get a diagnosis and probably try to get some kind of disability paper. So in case I could get a job, I could get proper accommodations for my back problems.

To make things worse, I often get a vicious cold that makes me much weaker, makes me get tired very fast, gives me runny nose and makes my sweat reek of illness. Oh and makes me sweat much more than usual.
It's hard to treat and sometimes lasts over a month. It's possibly because my immune system is weakened from all the stress I have to go through.
It was a big problem at school. Also, I had to abandon an intern-ship in 2014 because I got so weak that I was unable to stand for long.

Also, It makes my back problems worse, because my back muscles get tired much faster than usual.

Started having such a cold a few weeks ago. Need to go to doctor soon. I just need to get up before afternoon and remember about it...

I guess, if I'd get a job, I'd have to get a proper deal with right to a sick leave. Though I don't know how it would look with ~1 month of sick leave per year o_O .
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