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I have these two flaws:

1) Lack of personal courage (I have courage, but not enough for me to get what I want out of life)
2) Inappropriate social behavior (sometimes too inappropriate even for an INFP)

As for 2), some examples are like sometimes I tend to get out of control in explaining myself (like how I am on this forum hah!) I'd elaborate so much and send too many messages until I don't take into consideration that other people might have other things on their minds. Honestly, it's like a habit that's hard to kick but I am kicking it. I think I tend to be more of an attention seeker than I like to make myself out to be.

I remember the times when I'd text my 2nd ex with 20 plus messages and missed calls, not caring that he's in class or doing work. I remember this day when I texted him 70 plus messages, not caring that he might find it hard to read other people's messages. And stuff like that went on for months before. I feel a bit guilty when I think about it, although he let it.

A month ago, I had always spammed my best friends' hotmail inboxes a lot, anecdotes and complex phrases about my life, explaining my most personal issues, and again not taking into consideration about other emails..But uhm well they let it, heh.

But still it makes me feel weird. Like there's something wrong with me or I might have attention seeking disorder.

And also I tend to talk about things when it's not the right time to talk about them. Like once my best friend said to me,''keep your voice down. people are eating and they might be offended by you talking about politics'' when we were out once.

1) Well you know I've written a lot about fear and courage.

I guess everything I've gone through in life makes me sometimes unconsciously over seek outside validation, approval and justification for everything I do/feel - which I am in the process of abandoning.

I hate that sometimes I am stopped by that either imaginary or real fear of looking stupid or making mistakes that I might not expect in my life.

Surprisingly though, I have these two qualities in abundance. And these qualities are sought after by other people. I have patience and empathy. I have patience even when my limits have been tested, or I'm not moving forward yet. I can control myself more often than I think because of my patience.

I have empathy, when I really want to, I can feel another person's emotions regardless of time and space.

Want to trade? :crazy: Want a bit of patience and empathy so that I can have courage and appropriate social behavior for once?
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