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I learn from seeing the evil in you,
When I say you,
I don't just mean you alone,
As you will not know,
Who I am speaking to,
Only the closest of people,
To me,
Can know.

While if those who seek to hurt,
Come to me with questions,
I will answer them,
As help is a skill,
If you believe I cannot help,
Simply do not ask.

I'm not here to encourage,
Hidden motives of,
Those who,
Use weaknesses against others,
You'll die next to people,
Who do the same,
Because people stand by,
Those they can relate to,
The most.

Sadistic people,
They don't actually enjoy it,
These people imagine killing you,
In order to vent,
Even if they never will,
Actually kill you.

I am not one of them.

There's a difference,
Sadistic tendencies,
Protective tendencies.

There is good,
In these people,
Look for the bullies,
They are not actually,
They are just afraid,
So they seek control,
In order to not be controlled,
Through yelling,
Corrupt power.

In reality,
Everyone just,
Needs to be loved,
And you get those,
Who need to be loved,
That place a tough exterior,
They do not fool me though,
I see the soft parts of them.

I see the beauty in the beast.

I find myself in this area,
Just knowing someone,
Is doing wrong,
At least,
In my eyes.

You can turn moral,
Into something that,
Causes unnecessary,
I will remember,
My own belief system,
As I seek to see people grow,
Into the best that they can be.

While I stay strong,
I take in the values,
Of the strongest minds,
In my belief system,
I reject the followers,
That bring unnecessary,

Who are you to judge me,
Without asking me any questions?

Who are you to judge yourself,
Without asking yourself,
Why am I this way?
And actually finding,
The answer.

I learn from the love,
I feel for you,
I learn from the strength,
That is held within you,
To be able to see,
The truth inside,
Not just this surface,
The physical world!
That so many,
Take for granted.

While at the same time,
Everything that cannot be seen,
Is taken for granted.

There are those who,
Hate on religion,
Everyone learns though-
The feelings within.

Religion cannot be proven,
With evidence,
But feelings-
Definitely can.

You can seek to attack my values,
My opinions,
My moral system,
My value system,
I doubt,
You could ever corrupt me,

As I seek,
Moral perfection,
Through my,
Consistent imperfection,
For perfection,
Perfection is just,
The ceiling of your dreams.

I say it again,
It's not evil to seek,
And understand evil,
But to use evil against others,
To their faces,
With insults-
Is the evil that stands.

Some insults,
They stay in ones insecurities,
Until someone comes in,
To truly be there for those,
Slow growth,
But there will be,
Positive progress.

There is always a way,
To be strong enough,
To be good,
To help someone,
Instead of push others,
Through disappointment,
As it is easier-
To be evil,
Than good,
As it's faster,
To gain power,
Through evil.

There are those,
Who stick to being alone,
That do not seek evil,
But privacy.

And receiving,
Involves skill.

People must remember patience.

The good prevails.
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