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Hey fellows.

I recently came up with a strategy to fight procrastination. It is somewhat inspired by David D. Burns' "Feeling Good." There was a technique where you write down what you will do the following day, neatly planed hour by hour and then you write down what you actually did in that hour of that day and how satisfied you where. But I found that too much planning. I hate setting goals and time limits and doing protocols. It takes me so much willpower to do just this that I will just stop or never even start doing it.

So I did it differently: I just took two post-its (don't see the need to make it so big) and on one of them I wrote what I have to do (because I want to do it) tomorrow and on the other I put optional tasks (nice to do this, too, but it is only secondary). And well, for the first time in weeks/months I actually did what I wanted to do and checked those items off.

And everything I didn't do on the short secondary list and that I saw was still important was put on the primary list for the next day. (I actually did everything on the primary list)

I believe it is important to think of this items on the lists as "a date with a friend (with yourself) who will be sad if you don't do it with him/her." And you have to keep in mind that motivation follows action (idea from the same book)! I didn't feel the slightest bit more motivated doing this tasks but I didn't want to upset my beloved friend (me). It actually would have taken me some will power to stop me from doing it.

And I wouldn't say this is a bucket list or a list of goals for the next day. It is something I want to do tomorrow but which I am distracted off if I don't actually write it down (by hand!).

I only did this for two days but I wanted to share it with you. Maybe I'll fail with this approach, maybe not, but nevertheless maybe it will help others. :unsure:

Please, give me your opinion or experiences if you tried.

Kind regards.
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