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Kiersey organised the sixteen types into four major groups, _S_J, _S_P, _NT_, and _NF_. Myers preferred to organise them as _ST_, _NT, _SF_, and _NF_. I've seen various nicknames applied to Kiersey's four groups and to the individual types, and descriptions of the groups' shared characteristics. My question is: What nickname and short description best captures each possible two-letter grouping? Here's a list of all of the logically possible groupings, proceeding alphabetically, with Kiersey's names for four of them, and descriptions of those four ripped from Wikipedia:

_NF_ (Kiersey's Idealists): Abstract and compassionate. Seeking meaning and significance, they are concerned with personal growth and finding their own unique identity. Their greatest strength is diplomacy. They excel at clarifying, individualizing, unifying, and inspiring.
_NT_ (Kiersey's Rationals): Abstract and objective. Seeking mastery and self-control, they are concerned with their own knowledge and competence. Their greatest strength is strategy. They excel in any kind of logical investigation such as engineering, conceptualizing, theorizing, and coordinating.
_S_J (Kiersey's Guardians): Concrete and organized (scheduled). Seeking security and belonging, they are concerned with responsibility and duty. Their greatest strength is logistics. They excel at organizing, facilitating, checking, and supporting.
_S_P (Kiersey's Artisans): Concrete and adaptable. Seeking stimulation and virtuosity, they are concerned with making an impact. Their greatest strength is tactics. They excel at troubleshooting, agility, and the manipulation of tools, instruments, and equipment.

Here's my take on the _ST_ grouping, since it's what I know best (source: ESTJ history professor, ESTP dad, ISTP friend, ISTJ mother and self):

_ST_ (the Realists): Tough-minded, hard-working, and cool under pressure, _ST_'s are decisive and often opinionated, and are not afraid to let others know it. They have absolutely no time for "that Feeling junk" as my history professor would put it, placing little to no stock in overtly emotional concerns (much to the distress of _NF_'s, who _ST_'s often think of as seeing through rose-coloured glasses). _ST_'s (like to believe that they) see the world as it is, instead of how they'd like it to be. They focus on doing things right, which often means doing everything themselves, which can cause them great distress (my dad often rants bitterly about having to do everything himself when we're getting ready to go somewhere).
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This is how MBTI labels them:

ST: The Practical and Matter-of-Fact Types
SF: The Sympathetic and Friendly Types
NF: The Enthusiastic and Insightful Types
NT: The Logical and Ingenious Types

IJ: The Decisive Introverts
IP: The Adaptable Introverts
EP: The Adaptable Extraverts
EJ: The Decisive Extraverts

SJ: The Realistic Decision Makers
SP: The Adaptable Realists
NP: The Adaptable Innovators
NJ: The Visionary Decision Makers

TJ: The Logical Decision Makers
TP: The Adaptable Thinkers
FP: The Gentle Types
FJ: The Benevolent Administrators

IS: The Thoughtful Realists
IN: The Thoughtful Innovators
ES: The Action-Oriented Realists
EN: The Action-Oriented Innovators

ET: The Action-Oriented Thinkers
EF: The Action-Oriented Cooperators
IF: The Reflective Harmonizers
IT: The Reflective Reasoners

There's descriptions to go with each, but that's too much to type up. :p

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ST: The Realist
SF: The Festive
NF: The Benevolent
NT: The Ingenious

IJ: Wallflower
IP: Flake
EP: Loudmouth
EJ: Bossypants

SJ: Traditional
SP: Radical
NP: Magical
NJ: Mastermind

TJ: Overlords
TP: Adventurers
FP: Spirits
FJ: Wisemen

IS: Stealthy Assassins
IN: Shadow Wizards
ES: Space Pirates
EN: Arcane Dragons

ET: Regional Manager
EF: High School Teacher
IF: Cat Collector
IT: Library Ghost

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ESxx: Doers
ENxx: Explorers
ISxx: Observers
INxx: Scholars (Philosophers)

ExTx: Assertives
ExFx: Socials
IxTx: Contemplators
IxFx: Sensitives

ExxP: flexible Enthusiasts (Sanguine)
ExxJ: confident Leaders (Choleric)
IxxP: creative Individualists (Phlegmatic)
IxxJ: strategic Planners (Melancholic)

xSTx: Realists
xSFx: Sympathetics
xNTx: Rationals
xNFx: Idealists

xSxP: Artisans
xSxJ: Guardians
xNxP: Innovators
xNxJ: Visionaries

xxTP: Analysts
xxTJ: Organizers
xxFP: Authentics
xxFJ: Harmonizers

ESTP: Doers, Assertives, Enthusiasts, Realists, Artisans, Analysts
ESTJ: Doers, Assertives, Leaders, Realists, Guardians, Organizers
ESFP: Doers, Socials, Enthusiasts, Sympathetics, Artisans, Authentics
ESFJ: Doers, Socials, Leaders, Sympathetics, Guardians, Harmonizers

ENTP: Explorers, Assertives, Enthusiasts, Rationals, Innovators, Analysts
ENTJ: Explorers, Assertives, Leaders, Rationals, Visionaries, Organizers
ENFP: Explorers, Socials, Enthusiasts, Idealists, Innovators, Authentics
ENFJ: Explorers, Socials, Leaders, Idealisrs, Visionaries, Harmonizers

ISTP: Observers, Contemplators, Individualists, Realists, Artisans, Analysts
ISTJ: Observers, Contemplators, Strategists, Realists, Guardians, Organizers
ISFP: Observers, Sensitives, Individualists, Sympathetics, Artisans, Authentics
ISFJ: Observers, Sensitives, Strategists, Sympathetics, Guardians, Harmonizers

INTP: Scholars, Contemplators, Individualists, Rationals, Innovators, Analysts
INTJ: Scholars, Contemplators, Strategists, Rationals, Visionaries, Organizers
INFP: Scholars, Sensitives, Individualists, Idealists, Innovators, Authentics
INFJ: Scholars, Sensitives, Strategists, Idealists, Visionaries, Harmonizers

Improvement suggestions? Other ideas?
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