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Nami MBTI ESFJ - One Piece MBTI

Nami ESFJ - One Piece Myers-Briggs Types

Thought you guys would like this post here too.

So this is a post long overdue. My opinion is Nami is an ESFJ and an Fe dom. Nami is not a Te dom or ESTJ in my opinion. I personally don't get where people see this in here, just because she's bossy like I said in the past doesn't mean she's a Te dom, people forget Fe doms are just as bossy and assertive too, while also focusing on respect and other peoples emotions. Nami is emotional, cries all the time like a feeler and not how a emotional thinker does, and is always thinking about other people's emotional state and talking out loud about other peoples emotions. She reads peoples emotions very well, cares about manners, respect, and meeting people's emotional needs. All Fe in Nami, and now I'm gonna tell you why Nami is ESFJ more in depth, share your opinion down below if you agree or disagree after reading.

Now where to begin. Nami like I mentioned before is an Fe dom and ESFJ and I will explain why now. Whenever there is conflict among the crew, similar to Sanji, Nami is always focusing on the emotional state and feelings of the people in conflict or the person. I'm not gonna stereotype here, or put gender roles, or gender stereotypes here. I hate stereotypes myself and are completely against them and always will be. But in this case I think they to a certain extent apply, Sanji is always picking up on someones emotional state and is always thinking of another person's emotions with his Fe, but when he does this when conflict happens amoung the crew he tries to break it up which makes more sense as an ENFJ male which I type him in my opinion, an example of this is when he stopped Chopper in Water 7 and said you need to understand how Usopp is feeling here Chopper, if you pity him he's going to feel even worse from the pity after losing the duel he asked for himself. But Nami is an ESFJ woman and is always picking up on the emotional state of people especially conflict and feels distress, and she's always trying to fix it right then and edge it on to fix the problem or have another character understand how the other character is feeling and apologize or to stop the conflict. She does this when Luffy and Vivi have their fight and argument. When Luffy explains Vivi wanting no one to die in a rebellion and clash with the royal army and then calls her to kind-hearted. Nami reacts and says wait Luffy show some sympathy for Vivi and understand how she's feeling here and she gets emotional and then Sanji stops her after ironically doing the same thing earlier saying a ton of people are going to die and that this is for Vivi and focusing on her emotional state and stress with the situation. Nami also comforted Vivi later in the scene and hugged her. Nami does these things time and time again in the series, these emotional outburst and failing to be logical in the situation and even saying things that are completely illogical a lot of the time and that don't even make sense when she's getting so emotional on what's happening around her, showing clear inferior Ti in her. When Chopper gets taken away by Foxy in the Davy Back Fight and Zoro scolds him for crying and says they did their best to win and to be tough and accept the loss, Nami yells at Zoro and literally says "How can you say that?! Don't you know how he feels?!" This is clear Fe in Nami coming out in this scene. Nami is completely focusing on Chopper's emotional state and feelings in this situation, there is no logic here or efficiency or focusing on the task and what logically happened, this is pure emotion from Nami and focusing on Choppers emotions and feelings from being stolen from the crew by Foxy and how emotional Chopper feels about it and having leave the crew by force of the Davy Back rules, massive Fe in Nami in this scene.

Here's my recent Sanji ENFJ post, if you disagree and want to see my reasoning on him:
Nami is very emotionally distressed when Usopp and Luffy are arguing in Water 7. Sanji feels Luffy's intense emotions with his Fe especially when Luffy raises his voice and almost tell him to leave, Sanji feel the stress from Luffy and the room and kicks him and feels so emotional about the stress that he's panting in the scene and has a distressed look on his face. And he predicts what he was gonna say in the moment with his Ni and Se. Nami while telling them to stop over and over again, starts trying to edge it on and fix the conflict right away when Usopp leaves, she yells Luffy and everyone telling them aren't you going to stop him, we came all this way and Usopp is our precious friend she says, then she says Luffy stop him your the captain right? And immediately starts crying and tearing up, and then seconds later says why aren't you saying anything? She then runs outs and yells at Usopp to comeback followed by Sanji and Chopper who are also feelers in the group, and then Luffy finally comes out and looks at him with his serious stare, Zoro is the only calm logical one in this situation, and ironically we start seeing Luffy getting emotional and losing his tough serious captain act when Usopp starts talking. I've seen Fe doms do this all the time and want the conflict resolved as soon as possible especially from the emotional stress their feeling and seeing everyone else emotionally in the room stressed out and in a negative state, this is all Fe coming out in Nami over logic which she doesn't use or act like at all in this scene. Her Fe goes even further and further proves this point when Nami literally walks into Luffy's cabin and room and starts yelling at him to fix the situation now and bring him back, she completely edges and pushes this on and is completely emotional in this scene and wants them to make up right away and is further she gets very emotional when their's conflict and responds to other peoples emotions easily, especially in negative situations. And when she does this and has these emotional outbursts with what's happening with people around her, she's completely illogical and can't calm down and see logical inconsistencies, see reason and logical assess things, or be objective and unemotional at all, further proving she has low inferior Ti and high Fe dom behavior. I forgot to mention also before when Usopp declared the duel against Luffy, Nami was confused and emotionally distressed again and said "What? hey...what are you saying?" But yeah, again when Nami is screaming at Luffy trying to tell him to stop fighting, she asks "Why do you have to duel with your friend?!" "If you give it time, you two will down, right?!" She says Usopp just got upset because things were going to fast for him with the news. Luffy then says "Now that we've come this far, we can't go back." She fails too see this logically again with her inferior Ti and pointlessly tries to edge it on and fix the problem. And then Nami says "That's not true!" "You can apologize to him and talk it over again!" Showing Fe conflict resolution and focusing on how two people feel emotionally in a situation and talking it over and fixing and resolving the conflict, major Fe in Nami here. When Luffy explains and she leaves, she later gets pissed when she sees Zoro and Sanji fighting where we see more Fe in Sanji getting mad at Zoro not beating the Franky Family and saying if you had Usopp wouldn't have been attacked and felt guilty with Sanji focusing on Usopp's emotional state again, she yells at them and then tells them to stop, we don't need anymore fighting! Showing her Fe and Si clearly here. During the actual fight she was crying and couldn't hold back her tears the entire time, she emotionally couldn't take the situation at all or stand to see her crewmates fighting like that and broke down emotional from watching them and seeing everything that happened.

Nami was completely emotionally stressed when they went to save Sanji and found him and Luffy and Sanji fought right in front of her. She again couldn't emotionally handle seeing them fight, again like with Luffy vs Usopp, was reacting constantly and emotionally as the fight happened. The pain of watching them affected her so much emotionally that she says something completely illogical and says alright Sanji we'll leave! Just please stop! This is clear Fe dom and inferior Ti in Nami again. She was so emotional again in this scene that she walked up and slapped him and said goodbye with tears in her eyes and then says, "Sorry, we should have never done this", showing also she's still considered his emotions to apologize, even after seeing the awful things Sanji did to Luffy and being completely mad at Sanji here. All of this was massive Fe for Nami in this scene during the Luffy vs Sanji fight. And then Nami's Fe comes out again with her motherly Fe moment with the children. She turns around and says I can't leave these kids behind and you can't turn your back on children crying for help, after hearing what the kids say and reacting to the children's emotions in the situation and telling her to comeback and help them get to their families again, Fe moment again for Nami. Nami and Tashigi have a Fe and Si talk about taking care of the kids and being driven by duty and taking responsibility for them to get them to their families. no matter what. This is a very fitting discussion since I type Tashigi ISFJ, so there Fe and Si match up very well here when Tashigi asks to take them instead, but with their functions in different orders ironically. Nami and Tashigi both have a major Fe and Si connection in this moment and its very apparent when you watch the scene.

I could go further but I think these reasons are good enough. Her Si and Ne are pretty clear. She's very detail oriented and driven by security and not tasking risks and duty. She compares and contrasts details with the weather as a navigator and remembers details in her mind very well and recalls past details and events a lot, and those details from the past she remembers affect her decision making. Certain past events affected how she is strongly today like an Si user, like with the Bellemere Arlong thing and collecting the money in her village shaping her greed and obsession with money and jewelry, also I forgot to mention with Nami's Fe dom she can manipulate others and getting what she wants by swaying their emotions with her body or other deceitful tactics she tries and sweet talking them and people into get what she wants which Fe is known for when its not used for good. She also has a deep nostalgia to tangerines again with Bellemere. Even though she is more of a Si user her Ne is pretty clear to, at times she is curious about things and always asking questions and wondering why people said something or what's up with something she notices in the world around her. She can be creative in battle to with her imagination and coming up with good idea with the Climatact Usopp made her and adapting to it quickly and its improvements in the series. I already mentioned her Ti inferior and how illogical she gets in the series, but when she's not showing her Ti weakness, Nami is good at deducing things and noticing logical inconsistencies here and there in situations and she's very intelligent and sees loopholes easily at times. But she can't do this enough or that often and completely misses logical in favor of emotion so many times that she's a clear Ti inferior in my opinion from observing her character throughout the series. So that's why I think Nami is a clear ESFJ, tell me what you think down below on the topic. Nami is One Piece at least one of the characters that defines the series, you can't have the series without her, she's an OG character and Straw Hat, and her backstory is one of the saddest. So I wanted to clear up some misconceptions on her and type her accurately at least in my opinion, Nami is not a Fi user, she's a Fe user and I think I did good explanation on why I think so with evidence from the series on each point, I'd like to hear everyone's opinions on this. Also I really agree with this post on here being ESFJ as well, I don't agree with all of their typings for the Straw Hats but I really agree with Nami's post on here that they did. The only Straw Hats typings I agree with that this site did that I personally agree on, are Luffy, Nami, and Zoro. The rest of the Straw Hats that they typed, I personally disagree with in my opinion but you can decide for yourself your thoughts, thanks for reading.

Practical Typing is bad at typing and misunderstands characters and functions a lot so don't take them seriously ever, Sasuke was typed ESTJ by them for example. But this post I agree with at least, even if I only agree with some of the Straw Hats here:

One Piece: Nami (ESFJ)

Also here's an excellent video on Nami and a great character analysis for her:

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