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Greetings everyone, my name is Erin and I swear I'm a narcissist despite what the title says.
Well, maybe not in the conventional sense. I love people in general, which just so happens to
include myself. So I naturally happen to talk about myself in ways that many people consider to
be egotistic, particularly online. Don't be fooled by my words though, nothing I ever type should
be taken personally and I never bash people for their beliefs. I do however like to play devil's advocate
which might make me seem argumentative.

On a more personal level, I am a sixteen year old high-school student who also attends the local
community college to earn an Associate of Arts Degree. I'm often misunderstand by my peers for
a variety of reasons. I'm a sucker for old school romance and traditional gentlemen. I'm in National
Honor's Society, Wrestling, Broadcasting, a yearbook committee project for my school's Alumni association,
Robotics, and a series of classes at a local university, in addition to being a full time college student.

Any more questions just ask. There's a lot more to me than people think, some people have known
me for years and still find out new things about me. :proud:

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