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Mine comes in two forms.

The first, more spontaneous form, is unconscious suggestion. I'd see something that catches my attention and within a second or two, a possibility will float into my awareness. Alternatively, I may be analyzing information and then something catches my attention and the possibility will 'pop up'.

The second form is what I call unconscious digesting. This is where I either passively or actively read information (I don't usually use my senses, I do more reading than sensing), put the material(s) down, and then several minutes, hours or days later when I try to process the material again, insights will be gained and the information will be much easier to understand.

During the moments I receive insights or suggestions from Ne, I often feel excited and enthusiastic, sometimes energized as well. Ne often prevents me from becoming depressed. This is the reason why I seek entertainment that engages my Ne.

Please share your respective experiences.
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