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perpetuallyreticent wrote>

Ne = Everything is connected?
For those who are very familiar with Ne, and Ne dom/aux folk. Does Extraverted Intuition believe that everything to some extent is connected? I see my boyfriend who is an INTP make connections between things and it takes me a while to see those same connections. I have to think a lot longer about it, where as it seems to come naturally to him and say... an ENFP.

Topics of conversation, ideas in general that might connect on a very obscure level that is very obvious to Ne. Is this a common occurrence?

I do it, don't know it 'as' I'm doing it--just makes sense, everything filled in but not in a way that I could linear-converse about it. I was thinking yesterday about a topic, my mind jumped to an analogy, and it hit me, "Oh, that's Ne in action."

I've annoyed a lot of people--beginning in elementary school, by making connections they saw as off-point or just "What?!?"

Then they'd go back to their two plus two equals four discussion, and I'd go back inside to my construction building that brought top-side probably looks like a bombed out area. To me, it's just not viewable like an hard copy blueprint.
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