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Ne Fe is all I know for sure

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I'm trying to figure out my cognative functions. I'm stuck. I know I'm an Ne and Fe but I don't know what is dom and how to order my other functions.
Please help!
What do I ask myself to figure this out?
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Thank you.
I test ENTP most, but I'm really trying to look past the are you feeling or thinking, because we are all both. I should have said Im sure I'm Ne and perspective, and I feel like I'm both Fe and Te. I relate to ENTP INTP INFP INTJ but with major discrepancies in all 4. I'm very new to this site but not to MBIT. I just want to know my "real" type. I feel like my experiences have to much of an effect on my self-description and how I compare the type descriptions to myself.
I really like DaveSuperPowers explanations on youtube.
I've heard everyone has a true type and its apparent around age 3 and doesn't ever change, people may change, but your cognitive process doesn't. Is there even a way to know for sure?
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You don't have a real type. Project yourself into a category and stay there or you will be beheaded. These are the rules. There is no compromise.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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