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From @atamagasuita's link:
"Ne manifests as a seemingly never-ending plethora of theories, possibilities and inventive ideas that the user is constantly picking up on.

The dominant-Ne monologue: “I am swimming in an endless sea of possibilities about what to do/experience/think about next and I want to try them all.”"

I guess that's accurate.... I feel like w/ Ne dom it doesn't necessarily seem like an endless sea of possibilities to me so much as there are ideas and possibilities that seem obvious to me.. but then others don't seem to see them or maybe just write them off as weird.

Like for instance the other day at the restaurant I work at we have a special coming up next week :pretzel chicken (I think it's fried chicken w/ breading made of pretzels) ..and there's a board that we write the specials on and draw little pics w/ .. and so I suggested drawing a pretzel w/ a beak and legs like a chicken... and then proceeded to draw a lil sketch of it because didn't seem like they perhaps understood my idea ..and to me that wasn't really a creative or far out idea, but to the people I was w/ their reaction was kinda like "uhh you're a weirdo". And I feel get that sort of reaction from others when I express ideas I don't think are so strange or far out but apparently they are to others.

Like another thing where I get that reaction is I've been wanting to be in a cover band where we would play pop songs, but cover them in a rock style.. similar to youtube channel post modern jukebox, but more in the style of a heavy rock band

...but often musicians I meet and try to start bands w/ are turned off by the idea and it's almost like they don't get it. There's been a few I've met who have been like YES! That'd be awesome, but it hasn't worked out forming that band and I find the odds are that people are turned off by the idea... it's kinda weird you might expect musicians to be more open to doing unconventional things.. but I find a struggle find bandmates has largely been due to the fact that lots of musicians are not very Ne and want to stick to an established genre and playing conventionally in that genre. Luckily I did find a few bandmates recently that seem to have an ecliptic taste :) but it's still slow getting the ball rollings.

..but yeah what I was getting at is I don't ever feel like I'm ever using Ne but then I share ideas and such that people find weird, and retro-reflecting on it, I guess that's a matter of Ne viewed by people who are not very Ne. Tho I guess if I am thinking about a topic that is very Ne like philosophy or physics then I know I'm using Ne, but I feel like it also often pops up in everyday without me being aware of it.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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