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Need advice from some ESTJ's

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I am an ENFP dating an ESTJ right now and, as anyone might guess, we could not be more different. Am currently finding myself having a lot of struggles in regards to this and basically its a totally different way of seeing the world, reacting to events, etc. Am just wondering if any ESTJ's out there have ever dated an ENFP before and how that went (or, didn't go as I am starting to feel about my current relationship). Very interested in any feedback, thanks
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It seems to me that you have a lot of uncertainty and indecisively, and you keep mentioned about how the both of you are very different in many ways. From what I see is that he tried to be honest with you in every aspects, including his sexual history with his ex, and instead of appreciating his honesty, you began to have doubts on him and trying to seek more of his flaws, just to prove your first opinion that both of you weren't supposed to be together.

You might think that he had hurt you, but imo, the way you consistently questioning "whether or not this guy is the right guy for me" is hurting him too. You might not realize it, but I believe he can sense your doubts on him. So I'd say just leave him alone. You're not really into him and he deserves a better relationship.
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