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I just completed my O levels and I made it. However, my options are limited because my score isn't good, and I only have myself to blame for fooling around in secondary school.

The past aside, I am having trouble deciding my course of action. I don't know what other courses to pick other than the journalism course (which is what I want as a career).

I would like something to do with media and/or psychology (out of reach, shit). Perhaps engineering also, but my math sucks balls. Also, the courses available in my point range aren't appealing in terms of job prospects or interest-wise. However, there is this poly that's new and as such, the courses available have a lax cut off point, but the courses available are limited; but there is the journalism course I wanted. And the cut off point *is* my aggregate point. So I can't be sure whether I can get into it.

There are courses in the above mentioned poly that have media, but no psychology. And the choices in the poly are limited because the remaining courses don't really tap my strengths and/or spark my interest.

What I have in my eye is the journalism course and New Media, which is basically designing adverts. There is a problem there, though. I don't really know what the course is about; the guy who counseled me said it was basically visual communication but I didn't get the information about it when I asked "how does it tap my strengths". He just directed me to the course to journalism when he saw my result slip because English was my strongest subject.

I just want something I can fall back on if I don't get into the journalism course.

I guess my question here is, "What should I do now? What can I do now? How should I tackle this problem? Should I adopt an SP attitude towards this?

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I'm not sure if I'm following you here..

You want to get in to a journalism major - but you're not sure if you're going to make the cut so you want to know what you should do about plans b & c, right?

If you literally suck at math and you didn't just score badly because you didn't try that hard at it - then stay far away from engineering (those math classes are just going to get more and more advanced).. the same is true for most of the natural sciences.. not only will you *have* to take math through engineering math IV you will also have to apply it in courses and laboratories through out your major... On the other hand, if you were just lazy in math before but are actually decent at it - then if you apply yourself and you have an interest in engineering - you might find it more rewarding than subjects that you have no interest in at all...

If all the rest of the options that fall in your score range are a bust - and you aren't comfortable with the math in engineering either - then what about something like a creative writing degree.. Does your school offer any english majors that might compliment the journalism major?

I don't know where you're from but it might be possible for you to start out taking english classes etc - score really well in them - and transfer to the journalism major at your school or another school (you might lose some time doing things this way)... or if you scan the English department's "specializations" you might find something similar enough to journalism to spark your interests while also falling in line with your skill set..
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