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Need advise on reprogramming my brain, at least for a few hours

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Here is my situation. I am a paramedic. Everyday I see patients that I must attempt to make better. My intuition combined with all 5 of my senses mix together to tell me what is going on and whether or not to be worried. This works extremely well for me, at least until now that I want to move up. This involves an interview where I am given a patient care scenario and must 'work through it'. I find myself asking What is he really asking? What does he want me to figure out?. What is the angle here? Lets try factoring in body language. Crap Im taking to long now I look like an idiot .....[BRAIN: OVERLOADED AND WAY OFF BASE]

As a medic I work just fine under high pressure intense situations but this interview is way out of my comfort level. I have narrowed the problem down to this. When dealing with a patient in real life I take it all in and I guess my subconscious provides the answer, but now I have to talk my through the same thing having to ask for each detail. How do you ask someone what level of fear you see in someones eyes? Its not text book but it definitely helps.

Any other INFJs experienced a similar problem or am I just...[??]

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I think what you describe is just true of introverts in general, but especially intuitives who are really use to just operating off instinct and hunches. Its very difficult to concretize something that is inherently ephemeral. It's like asking Picasso to explain his methods so there is I think a valid frustration if that's what you're being asked to do.

As far as reprogramming your brain in a certain way, maybe you should look into something like NLP. I don't know how effective it is, but many of the ideas there I think are pretty coherent. There's a couple of great books (you can probably find online). One called Sleight of Mouth which is about getting people's mind to operate in a different way by changing underlying belief structures (Robert Dilts entire lecture might be available on YouTube or torrent) and also Phoenix: Therapeutic Patterns of MIlton Erickson is an oft-recommended book on the subject. That's not so much a biography of Erickson so much as a look at how he would employ certain techniques to get people's minds to change. It's really a goldmine with regards to helping you see things in a different way and doesn't get into all the hypnosis and stuff that Erickson was known for. I got a cheap copy on Amazon. For anyone trying to change a habit or a belief those would be among the top picks out there I think.
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