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Need help from unhealthy clingy INFJ

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Beautiful INFJ's,

I know an INFJ who I used to be friends with. He's really unhealthy and immature, so don't think I take his behavior as a representation of all of you.

Anyway I invited him to a birthday like, 6 years ago. Since that day he considered me one of his best friends. As such, I've become very aggravated by his behavior as we got to know each other. I'll spare you the details as they're irrelevant. Basically he's a prick, and I've told him to leave me alone and never talk to me again. However, I am friends with his friends, and I have blocked him on every single medium possible: instant messenger, facebook, email, etc. When I block him, he'll go into his friend's accounts and start talking to me through them, e-harrassment. Everytime I invite over my friends (the ones he's friends with too), he comes over with them.

I want to delete him from my life. He doesn't respect me, or my personal space, or anything I've ever said. He knows he'll be able to contact me so long as I'm friends with his friends, and I've actually blocked my friends (they're ISTP's, they'll live and forgive) just so he would leave me alone.

Is there some way I can tell him to fuck off that he'll actually listen? Or do I need to meet him in person and beat the shit out of him until he gets the message? I'd prefer the former. Any suggestions?
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ok, I think clingy might be the wrong word.

More detail. I told him to leave me alone, then he makes friends with all of my friends on facebook and starts talking to them. He's very manipulative, a sweet talker, its the reason I ever forgave him was because he seemed so sincere, he'd pull me in and then start treating me like shit again. It was a repeating cycle until I realized it and told him to never talk to me again.

After I told him I didn't like him, he made friends with my brothers, and tons of my friends. I would complain about this kid, and all of them would say, "I don't understand why you hate this kid so much. He seems alright."

It felt like some kind of revenge to turn everyone else against me. I felt like he was surrounding me. So what I did was, I re-opened all communication to him. I talked to EVERY person he talked to and explained why I hated him, and asked them to just plain ignore the kid as well, as a favor to me. They did. Now that I've re-opened communication with him, he talks to me on AIM sometimes. We have very minimal communication, and he invites me to movies and stuff, and I always politely decline.

Shortly after I communicate to him and start being nice to him... he stops talking to all of my friends, ignores them outright.

Why INFJ? Because I believe an INFJ can become mentally unstable if raised in a bad house (as he was). I believe an INFJ has the people skills and logic to perform Shakespearean acts of revenge on the level of Othello. I am the ONLY person he treats this way, and no one else understands why. I believe he gets angry because I'm not giving any sort of emotional vibe toward him. Most of his friends are ISTP's, and he gets very jealous of my martial arts abilities.

Right now, I block him during the summer, and I reopen communication while I'm at school. I tell him I live at my old address even though I moved houses (he would show up uninvited at times). To be honest, he's not a big deal. But I solve problems, and one of my goals as an ISTP is to make my life as smooth as possible. He's not a big problem right now because I just decline his invitations, but I'd rather not deal with him ever. He's a wart, that's all.
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wow that would be awesome.
wow i never considered that. After all, they are the sleazy lawers. Hmm, perhaps it has something to do with weak Si telling them to follow through?

I will consult the ENTP's.
A sock with a bar of soap inside.
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