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I will try first to explain the context, I've been going for the past 2 months to this creative workshops held by this non-profit organisation, from jazz dancing, tango to wine tasting, desert making, chocolate, krav maga, repairing bikes, making stuff out of clay to give to people and so on. In 2 months I learned more interesting cool stuff than in a lifetime.

What I need help with, well, this workshop I'm going to is a social workshop, designed to help you use your senses more ( hearing, tasting, touching etc) and use your intuition less, because sometimes your mind will create patterns, trying to predict what will happen and instead of just going with the flow and enjoying life, your mind, your previous experiences, your fears will stop you from being able to just live and enjoy life. So one of the exercises in this workshop is that I have a secret friend I must make feel good while remaining annonymus and I need people to send happy thoughts toward this person. :happy:

This is where you guys come in, if you want to join in, send me a PM and today and today only I need you to sent something positive, some love or something that says you are a wonderful person, or that you wish her a happy sunny great day or whatever you feel is in the same context. It can be some words you wrote, a quote, a image, whatever.

There are a few rules, first, I don't want to give out her email address to anybody, so you must be either a good poster on this forum (let's say at least 300 messages), or have enough personal details (age, country etc) mentioned on you page and at least 100-200 messages, or be old enough on this site (at least 1 year) even if you didn;t psot much. I need to set some limits to whom I release this information. Oh and if you have me on Facebook...well, your email address must not give out your name, I know she won't search that much, but I don't want her to know who it's from, to keep the secrecy. :wink:

Second, you must mention a phrase to know who it's from but still keeping me annonymus, I will give that out in the PM I will send you.

Third, you must not send any other mails after this, well, unless she starts something, but generally, you must promise me not to bug her because I care about her privacy.

So, if you think this would be fun for you and you have a few minutes and can help me, let me know. This will end in 11 hours, until the end of the day here, tomorrow I have something else planned out which will be a lot tougher to do. :cool: Started it with something smaller and gradually rasing the bar, also doing things in real life too, but subtle things. :crazy:
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