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Hi guys, I'm new to the forum. Fellow INFP by the way :)

Anyways, I will cut straight to the chase, I'm in sort of a dilemma.
I'm still deciding between pursuing Illustration and Architecture. Well, the thing is I know it's impossible to venture into both because I'd rather focus on one. (Architecture itself, is already an intense subject.)
So, I definitely have to decide on one!

I studied Interior Architecture and Design for my Tertiary Education and it was something I simply stumbled into with my brother's recommendation. My interest for the subject came in during my 2nd year and I found it really fun. I found Architecture itself to be a subject that's very broad, it can venture into many different areas like culture, politics even. The thing I love most would be coming up with concepts and ideas (Being imaginative and creative) and the latter part of architecture would require you to make it a build-able project. I did ask my lecturer for advice and he did commended me and told me he's very impressed with how I easily emulated ideas from visuals so I do have a bit of flair in this subject (But definitely, still a lot of work to put in!)

Check out UCL bartlett on youtube and you will definitely see Architecture as a pretty amazing subject to study in. (Do check them out so you can better understand what I'm inspired by)

For illustration wise, I have been drawing since I was young. I would get my hands on any pieces of paper available and just doodle away since I was a kid. Drawing has been something that comes pretty naturally to me but sadly I sort of stopped drawing as frequently (For about 7 years?) until I took a drawing class during my Tertiary Education again. So I can definitely say my drawing skills have been stagnant for a while.

Check out Laura Nassef or Julia Pott on google images, those are the kind of illustration I'd love to do.

Well, the sum it all up, I'm stuck between both. I'm not going to be all too idealistic at the moment because I'm clearly not very good at both of this subjects yet so I'm looking for a head-start and then I can start polishing myself to be better everyday. I just need to decide on something to start with!

It would be great if you guys could question me so that I can better understand what is the situation here and what I should be looking out for/thinking about before making a decision.

Thank you guys in advance for taking time out to help me out and going through this rather long post but I'd definitely appreciate your help! Thank you!
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