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krwheel is right.

That is one key difference, I am terrible at remembering the details of something years after the fact. My ISFJ friend was telling me the plot-line from the original Star Craft the other day, because he actually remembered it!

There are actually a lot more INFJ's out there; we're probably not that rare, just we often test as something else. See, with introverted sensing, which is what the ISFJ's have, you have to build your inner world on facts. With the INFJ, you don't have to use facts to build your inner world, you can build WHATEVER you want. This results in INFJ's being highly diverse individuals who usually do not see eye-to-eye on things. ISFJ's are very likely to see eye-to-eye on things, unless their inner world of sensory details leads them to different conclusions. Even then, it's really just a matter of reconciling facts with each other, and at the very least they could relate to each other's point of view after doing that.

An INFJ's inner world is unique, and it's doubtful anyone else could relate to it. Often, we may not even know why we think what we think because we came to a conclusion about it already, and the details that led us to that conclusion are irrelevant. It is the opposite for the ISFJ, the details that caused them to reach the conclusion are very important, and they'll remember them.

I could tell tell people the entire plot line of some games i haven't played in years.

Before knew i was an ISFJ i was perplexed when people couldn't remember conversations i had months ago with them. This next thing scares some people my mind burns in personal information of my friends if i'm told something from one of them. I had a friend i knew for 8 day and he was curious about this so i wrote everything about him i had learned in the last 8 days. I wanted to take it back so bad after i gave it to him and starting apologizing for it. he said this is pretty cool and asked me somethings about himself and i knew the answer of those on the spot.

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Let's see...

INFJ's find truths by thinking about things. We may space out for ten minutes to think over something, and draw a very insightful conclusion from our thoughts that we apply in our life going forward.

We get upset when there is a law that is unfair or unjust. We want everyone treated fairly and similarly. When things don't work this way, we'll get far more upset than any other personality type.

See an ISFJ is likely to take a law at face value. This is the law, it has been around for a 100 years, everyone knows about it, it's set in stone. Considering that it should be changed may never cross their mind.

An INFJ would analyze the law and how it affected society, they would then compare this law against an ideal of how things should be. If it doesn't meet the ideal, then it's a bad law and we want it changed. Just as an example, I'm utterly disenfranchised with the way the US government operates because of the pervasive corruption that now exists. Other people see this as the way things have always been, but I don't care how it was, I look at it today and it's corrupt, and getting worse every year. Rules that were long-held to be essential to the operation of the congress are being ignored because parties in charge bend the rules to favor themselves. Corporations now get to fund political campaigns....

You see how much this bothers me? I almost turned the entire post into this.

See an ISFJ is less likely to concern themselves with fairness as far as the law is concerned. Their dominant Si generally leads them to accept what is; they're not constantly imagining how things could be improved. If I point out to my ISFJ friend, why the government is corrupt and unfair, he likely agrees with me and then digs up a few details that support my claim. Suggesting how to change it, and how it should operate is a bit out of his league. He could do it if he really thought about it, but he isn't going to trouble himself with that. As an INFJ, I can't help but trouble myself with it.

Of course INFJ's pick their battles when it comes to fairness and justice. We all get worked up over different topics, but that gives you an idea of what having a strong Ni does when paired with Fe and Ti.
That whole post pertaining to ISFJs viewing laws is in no way representative of me. to be honest your whole views on how INFJ's would analyze the law and how it affected society is exactly how i think but i do nothing about it but cast my ballot to the party i view will change things to what i consider better views for Canada as a whole. I'm anti war, want election reform, rewrite or abolish NAFTA, restructuring of the UN, changes to the judicial system and more. Laws like no murder, abuse, fraud jaywalking, parking, speeding, or others of the kind i will follow always.

Also you points on America i agree with..especially the corporation funding campaigns..i also don't know how some politicians can change their view when it suit them or use/make-up words to sugar coat the truth (how do some people fall for this?)

I tend to have more vague memories of feelings and impressions, and actually, my family is often surprised by how little I tend to recall exact details.

But, I can sometimes be excruciatingly exact and practical, like an SJ is known to be. I don't mind routine, either. Other times I am super imaginative and emotional, and I have always been a creative, artsy person.

Is it possible that I could be "borderline"?
I was very confused as to what my type was when I first got into MBTI. Originally I thought I was an INTP.

I suppose I thought I was intuitive because, like krwheel said, introverted sensing comes off as an intuitive function. We really do live in our own little world and have our own little value system, which, if you're anything like me, you're constantly striving to perfect it. I thought I was a thinker because I'm emotionally unexpressive and have always tended to value logic and reasoning.
The P and J could have gone either way though.
Eventually I narrowed it down that I was a Sensor because I've always been very grounded to reality. Even when I think about the big picture and how we all fit into it my reasoning is tied to known facts and don't deviate much from them. And even when they do, my pattern of thinking is still very linear. I eventually realized I was a feeler because I've always been very aware of how others were feeling and never wanted to be the cause of any negative emotions. The P and J was a little harder to define, I suppose I eventually came to the conclusion I was a J when I started thinking about how much of a finisher I've always been; rarely starting new projects, always finishing current ones. Yes, the house can look like train ran through it but so long as my responsibilities are taken care of, I'm content.

anyway.. maybe this will help some, maybe not..
i wish i knew more about personality types so i'm going to just share some stuff about me that you two stated in your posts. whether it helps or not i don't know

I am highly creative just i'm not good at writing or drawing but i still do them. in high school i took metal art and 3d art. time to time i just need a break from this world and lose myself day-dreaming all day about once every 1-2 months. i cannot remember person's physical detail easily but i can remember how they felt, what they said and their opinions with ease.

i value a balance of Emotions/empathy with Reason/logic giving the former a small edge. Another thing is personal projects of no real importance i rarely finish but if it has importance it will be done on time and to at least expected specifications. I look in my room my desk is a complete mess but then look at my bookshelves everything is ordered and neat. My posters are all lined up perfectly but there are boxes and papers on the floor.

i tell people close to me my opinions often but if they don't back down in about 1-3 minutes i just give in and say ok unless the request is unreasonable..

In the end though i believe for me, it's my interaction with others that define me more then any other part of my personality.

At times i feel a little conflicted with my type but i know i'm an ISFJ. i seem to have traits not stereotypically present apparently but i don't care about stereotypes

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Haha, okay, I'll try not to stress about stereotypes, then. :proud:

I went back and took the little test again. I got ISFJ, but on the Sensing or Intuition bar, I was almost right in the middle. I'll take that as I am an ISFJ, but I am close to being an INFJ, which I am fine with.

Thanks for your help, everyone. There are some really nice people on here. :happy:
if you used the 41question test on the test button i have found it mistyping me see the 41q they have here has always thrown me back and for between INFJ and ISFJ too. so i did it again it told me i was a INFJ and checked my Sensing or Intuition bar....i am right in the middle depend how i answer some questions i could be either but i find both answers wrong or both right for some of them

i'm sure this question is messing me up
Children often do not: exercise their fantasy enough, or make themselves useful enough?

the answers is many parents are control freaks this that are 9-11 should be given more freedom and then there's the parent that just sign their kids up for music lessons or dance or sports that the child may not want. they should spend time with their friends that share their interests If the child wants to spend his time playing a game they pretend they are knights let them i believe this is perfectly happy if a kid loves learning but doesn't like hanging out with more the 2 or 3 people at a time and prefers studying thats fine to me thats normal too. If a kid enjoys doing chores then him or her doing so is perfectly natural for me.

Children should not be making themselves very useful this is a crucial social development time...they should just make sure they are doing fine at school,doing their limited set of chores that should be required, have proper manners and understanding of right and wrong.


Are you more attracted to: sensible people, or imaginative people
either i like some in the middle but can enjoy being with either equally as long as they don't lack the other completely.

Are you more likely to trust your:
hunch, or experience.....i trust both equally for me they work side by side helping each other out


In making decisions do you feel more comfortable with: feelings, or standards
this question is too vague i could use either of them depending on the situation


In doing ordinary things are your more likely to: do it your own way, or do it the usual way
depend if i can quickly see a better way to do it if i do, i do it my way i thought of if not i do the usual way

so i did the test again choosing different answers for my one i am split on and now it say i am a ISFJ.

this test has accurately typed me every time Personality test based on Jung and Briggs Myers typology

perhaps i'm neither? maybe there is a such thing as a person tat relies on both? perhaps in reality i am a simply IxFJ...i'll do some more readin about about seems i can relate with razare's posts alot but also alot of ISFJs post too........i really feel i may be similar to you in this regard Morningglory that "I am an ISFJ, but I am close to being an INFJ" i thank you for this i i will have to read up on them more

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All right, I took that one you posted, and still got ISFJ, with moderate preference toward Sensing.

Thanks for posting that link!
no problem

the only problem is now i wish to understand myself so i'm going to make a similar thread............


So yah people should not hold much weight in my posts......i mistyped myself because ........i have two personality disorders .....screwing up my true self. My Aspergers allows my memory recall on things i care about....which is other humans and my entertainment but i can't remember dates, birthdays, holidays, what a person face looks like easily or for the life of me. My bedroom are a mess other then books and games. My Aspergers is what makes me able to easily do repetitive tasks and organizing things. My social anxiety is what stops my from helping strangers, make me easily agree to do everything, and not actively to to promote my views. I almost typed "the needs of the many outweighs the few" but decide to write other stuff in the first post on the second page. I thought for for few days that alot of ISFJs are super scared of others when i thought i was. I believe my Si function may be alot higher then most INFJs because of Aspergers.

So i am a broken INFJ so please forgive me all ISFJs. I found you all to be great people and will come back here but as an INFJ instead
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