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I was very confused as to what my type was when I first got into MBTI. Originally I thought I was an INTP.

I suppose I thought I was intuitive because, like krwheel said, introverted sensing comes off as an intuitive function. We really do live in our own little world and have our own little value system, which, if you're anything like me, you're constantly striving to perfect it. I thought I was a thinker because I'm emotionally unexpressive and have always tended to value logic and reasoning.
The P and J could have gone either way though.

Eventually I narrowed it down that I was a Sensor because I've always been very grounded to reality. Even when I think about the big picture and how we all fit into it my reasoning is tied to known facts and don't deviate much from them. And even when they do, my pattern of thinking is still very linear. I eventually realized I was a feeler because I've always been very aware of how others were feeling and never wanted to be the cause of any negative emotions. The P and J was a little harder to define, I suppose I eventually came to the conclusion I was a J when I started thinking about how much of a finisher I've always been; rarely starting new projects, always finishing current ones. Yes, the house can look like train ran through it but so long as my responsibilities are taken care of, I'm content.

anywayy.. maybe this will help some, maybe not..
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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