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Need some help....

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I'm just trying to figure out which MBTI type I belong in.... I have gotten both ISFJ and INFJ, and I identify with the descriptions of both. Are there any very distinguishing characteristics between the two?

Thanks for any help you can give me. :)
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I could tell tell people the entire plot line of some games i haven't played in years.
I tend to have more vague memories of feelings and impressions, and actually, my family is often surprised by how little I tend to recall exact details.

But, I can sometimes be excruciatingly exact and practical, like an SJ is known to be. I don't mind routine, either. Other times I am super imaginative and emotional, and I have always been a creative, artsy person.

Is it possible that I could be "borderline"?
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All right, thanks very much! Sounds like I am an INFJ. :)
I just identify with both so much, for different reasons....maybe I am over-thinking this. I will try the writing the essay and having someone more knowledgeable look at it. This is so important to me because I'm trying to make a career change right now. Of course, MBTI type can't just tell me what to do, but I know it'll help me narrow it down a little. :)
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At times i feel a little conflicted with my type but i know i'm an ISFJ. i seem to have traits not stereotypically present apparently but i don't care about stereotypes
Haha, okay, I'll try not to stress about stereotypes, then. :proud:

I went back and took the little test again. I got ISFJ, but on the Sensing or Intuition bar, I was almost right in the middle. I'll take that as I am an ISFJ, but I am close to being an INFJ, which I am fine with.

Thanks for your help, everyone. There are some really nice people on here. :happy:
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All right, I took that one you posted, and still got ISFJ, with moderate preference toward Sensing.

Thanks for posting that link!
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