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I've been chewing on this a while now, but I'm not really making much of a progress, so here we go... :happy:

I'm 29 and just about to finish my master of arts this fall. I do have a job waiting for me, but not in non-profit management, and also something that I know for sure that I won't be working with in ten years time... so, I feel somewhat in a limbo when it comes to career, as I am still undecided as to where i'm heading in the long run... i could stay on the job for a few more years, delaying the scary step into the unknown future, or I could decide that now is the time to switch careers and go do what i really want to be doing, even if it is less economically secure and probably includes many times more challenges than staying in the office....

whichever i choose now, i know that i will need to take that step sooner or later if i don't want to find myself at old age regretting that i never even tried my wings and had a go at doing the things that i really wanted to do... :unsure:

as you say obviously you have to earn a living one way or another... but i would encourage you to as far as possible go with what you love doing - writing. if you then find that you need to get a second job to support yourself, then that's how much this world sucks, but if you can keep your mindset straight and remind yourself that it is just your second job, to make enough dough to survive, then i think you would still be able to see yourself as someone in a writing career... being able to make sacrifices and living on less, would of course also help towards you working with the things you really love...

admittedly i know virtually nothing about job opportunities for (technical) writers, so I would discuss this with someone who knows more about that of course... and don't feel bad about yourself not having your entire working life planned out... i find that the people that do are generally the most boring people i meet, and that almost everyone over 40 with an interesting job that i talk to have not known in their twenties what they would be doing later in life...

instead, be happy and thankful that you do know what your passion is... then prepare mentally to work hard to be able to live it...

btw, thanks for giving me the opportunity to think this through... i think i'm more clear about my own priorities as well now... :happy:
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