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Recently in our neighbourhood complex a mother sent a letter to all residents with regards their negligence of cleaning up after their pets.

There's also a few cases of one person in particular leaving her dog unleashed - and cases of the dog chasing after the neighborhood kids.

Today, the most negligent pet owners verbally attacked a woman who can barely even speak english for writing the letter.

I know that in Canada it's against the law to leave animal shit, as well as unleashed animals out in public.

I want to get involved quietly. And I definitely would not have wanted to get involved if they hadn't "attacked" [putting this in quotes because it wasn't a physical attack, but an accusation in a threatening tone] a woman for writing the letter - without any shred of evidence that she wrote it.

Anyone know who I should contact with regards to this situation. I want to control this before it becomes a full blown race issue [because the person attacked was of Afghan origin, and the attackers wrongly assumed that since dogs are supposedly disliked amongst some people of Islamic origin, that this woman must have been the one who wrote the letter].
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