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I have an ESFJ classmate who just won't leave me alone...he has problems with depression, but every time I try to help him, he shoots me down. I want him to be happy, but I only have so much patience! He texts me every day (even though I politely told him that I dislike texting) and it's really getting on my last nerve. He texted me during a nap today and when I was on Facebook an hour or two later, he wrote on my wall, "I thought you were sleeping"

Does anyone have any advice? I'm at my wit's end. :(
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well let me tell you from my own expierence as an ESFJ that has/had Severe Depression of my own. I used to do the exact same thing to a girl named Eva, i would want to be around her or talk to her constantly because i was infatuated with her, even though she had a b/f and was going through a break up at the time and then got a new b/f. I was so sad and depressed i would make her depressed. What you have to do is just set boundaries and tell him that you want him to be happy, and live his own life, and you want alone time every now and then from him. Tell him that texting is getting expensive and everything, so it's hard to text now, even if that's a little white lie. Tell him to get help with his depression, and that it will only get better with time, medication, and counseling.

those are my words of wisdom to you my good sir/madam.
Crazee adam has good advice. Yeah tell him to get help with his depression and you're there for him. But set boundaries on your end. If you don't like text, and if he texts you, just don't text back...ever. He should get the point. I mean honestly, if he knows you don't like that, he should stop. As an ESFJ, if we know we are not pleasing someone or pissing someone off, we will most likely back off. Unless I don't like them, I'll keep annoying them. haha j/k
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