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What does your neutral state feel like? How would you describe when life is going well and you don't have many cares? What are your thoughts like?

I'd say in my neutral state, I feel like I'm thriving. My thoughts rarely stop no matter my mood, but they feel rejuvenated when I have nothing greatly concerning me. I feel alive and excited, even if there's nothing in particular to look forward. It's like a mental buzz, a happy drunk mode. I can't say that I focus on any one thing or person then. I just feel connected to it all at once.
Last major spell of that was when my husband lost his job in San Diego and was home for months preparing for us to move back to my home state.

I focused on a manuscript I was working on, he focused on his stuff.

I danced when I wasn't working or took a few walks a day, did some simple yoga--in between writing sessions.

When a problem came up that would normally stress me, or I'd be offered a choice that I would normally hesitate about if not nix, I'd just smile and deal with the problem and agree to eating at X or ordering something less preferred when otherwise I'd get irritated.

"Sure, that's fine" was a common response, e.g. "You're gonna box that heavy table, we don't need it," and he'd say, "Look inside," and I'd see all his Fruit of a Loom undies, and grin, "Sure, that's fine." (Because I knew he could not possibly pack and ship that thing, no point in saying anything.)

When I'm working on a writing project, nothing niggles me. I don't talk much. I do my usual 'Baby Unaware' other than noticing insects and animals, and everything is groovy.

When I am not working on a writing project I have to spend a lot of energy to stay stable.

Three and a half years back in my Home State, I'm still waiting for a serious run of "Sure..." and hunky dory.

I hope it's coming relatively soon.
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