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Everything will perish; our trophies, our homes, our mountain ranges, and even the sky.

A time may come for us now that we witness the passing of all we knew. In that time you will be powerless, not your wealth or your health can undo what occurs. All the wisdom you gain will add up to nothing but the inevitable. Even the wisest will learn the obvious over again. Knowledge is forgotten daily.

Peace is worth more than letters. Its value grows beyond the words used by the English language. Our breath can barely hold it.

Every endeavor, though it may succeed will come to an end. We will celebrate, we will laugh, and we will share what transpired with those present and those not; still it will come to an end. Some will even grow weary of the success before the celebration ends. Your greatest accomplishments may become a wall of fear for those who follow us; but only if the triumph lives to stand the test of truth.

With peace you will have many triumphs, experience much joy, and live to tell the tale. Through peace, this one thing is not the only thing, but one of many more to come.

Your love, your special someone, your family, and everyone you embrace daily are all dying right before your eyes. We are dust. Generations of pets pass by us in multitudes. Already their offspring is prepared for the changing world. Their efforts change nothing, and their trials and triumphs go unnoticed. Generations of life flow in and out of our stomachs.

Peace is knowing everything is where it should be. Peace is knowing you are where you are meant to be. Peace is the tinder, and chaos the fire. Peace is the bread, and chaos the yeast. Dwell in peace.
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