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Figure wrote:

This test should really try to also measure Temperament by Temperament questions, instead of breaking it into E/I and P/J. I think that would have been a lot more accurate than Reinins.


Still, your actual type, ILI, is very close to what they picked up, which is more accurate than what a lot of us get on other tests.

I'd like it--along with your suggestion--if someone with stronger English skills redid some of the questions because misplaced modifiers and some other errors made it hard--for a few questions, to get what they were looking for; I must have done OK, though--figuring it out--as INFJ followed by INFP is accurate enough for me.

The other types are not close enough "really" to how I think, make decisions, what my interests are, jobs I enjoyed, over all history, et cetera--and at 56 I got a lot to use for comparing test and life results.
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