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Hey Everyone,

Like the title says, I'm an 26 y/o guy ENTP who works in healthcare. My mother is an ESFJ and brother ESFP, who both work in healthcare as well. I belive my dad was an ESTP, but I am not sure. People say that my brother and I are exactly like I triangulated us and voila!

I am interested in learning more about the other types and learning about myself in the process. Because of health care, I often encounter SJ's, which isn't a bad thing, but I feel I can be myself around NT's and especially NF's the best :) I also want to learn more about the INFJ since I believe they are my ideal type for a match. I've dated girls who were ISTJs, INFPs, ENFJs and a few more types...I just recently started talking to a INFJ and I literally cannot describe it. I was wondering if anyone could help me out...and in the interm, if anyone needs any help from an ENTP, I gladly extend my hand...

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