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Hello, I'd like to ask for your help trying to type some relatives:


1)Not really assertive, except when he feels the need to voice his opinions.
2)But he doesn't do that very often.
3)Hates confrontation or conflict.
4)Criticism or disagreement are often perceived by him as a personal attack.

5)Hates discussions.Often perceives them as meaningless and draining confrontations.
6)When making a point, he seldom backs it with facts or any kind of reasoning – he feels a certain way, period.Not interested in questioning why he thinks what he thinks, or second-guessing himself.
7)Not very open towards different opinions or perspectives – but he perceives himself as being very accepting, open-minded and tolerant.

8)Not good with logic in any topic – he applies it in a very superficial way, and is often prone to disregard it.
9)Not good with abstract or speculative thinking- he considers it as “counting how many angels can dance on the head of a pin"
10)Not really intellectual, not curious in general...
11)except for a very limited range of interests – but he doesn't follow through with them, or explore them in depht..
12)He gets energized by trying things with his own hands – but not really interesting in understanding what he does.

13)Extremely messy and disorganized – in everything, including the things he cares about.
14)But ready to defend his own ways and methods, even when there's clear evidence they're not efficient, or even counterproductive.

15)Not shy, and not reserved.
16)Not very social right now, but not an introverted, either.
17)Not really considerate, but avoids hurting people for fear of being hurted..
18)Doesn't care about people expectations, or what is appropriate, but goes with the flow – maybe, again , for fear of being hurted?
19)Accepting of people as long as they aren't too different from his own expectations.
20)If they don't fit, there must something wrong with them.He won't clearly say that, though.

21)Might be a people pleaser in some situations.
22)Ready to yield to other people's pressure, seldom stand up for himself.
23)Prone to do victim talk.
24)Not so prone to face and solve problems between him and other people.


1)Very opinionated and assertive.She need to say something about anything.
2)Feels intimidated by people who know more than her about a given subject – and feels the need to prove them that she's knowledgeable about it, too.
3)Needs to be reassured as about her importance, knowledgeable-ness, cleverness, and the validity of her opinions – people refusing doing so are evil people, to be held in perpetual contempt.
4)Won't confront with you if you question her, or prove her wrong – but she will hold a grudge against you, even for a long time – she will calm down eventually, but you will always remain weird.
5)She needs an “enemy” in her life – someone to fight, either a rival soccer team, a politician he doesn't like, etc...

6)Not good with logic.
7)not interested in speculations – and probably not good at it.
8)not interested at all at seing alternate perspectives – and probably not good at it.

9)Very self-absorbed and self centered, needs her time alone.
10)But she likes helping people who are in her inner circle, and this is a genuine care– she doesn't like to follow through, though.
11)Not very social – but not reserved or shy.
12)Cares a lot about her appearence.

Some points are quite strongly-worded, the portaits as a whole are unforgiving.
But i can honestly say i did my best to leave my stance out.
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