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Yeah... not really used to doing intros... especially not on this type of site... hmmm... well, I guess I can borrow from my facebook intro... though not exactly relevant for this site, I can edit it a bit... I am fairly verbose, write a lot... and have strong opinions on a great many topics & diverse interests... I (probably) won't be around much, but who knows.

For those who may be interested in this sort of thing:
INFJ. Born in Dallas, Texas on January 16, 1981 at 12:43am.
Enneagram tritype is Researcher 5w6/1w2/4w5.
life path 9, Destiny Number is 7, Soul Number is 4, Personality Number is 3, Maturity Number is 7
Karmic Debt Numbers are 13 & 16

[To any friends, would-be friends, or curious people stalking me -

Just a heads up, I'm a hardcore advocate of freedom, bodily integrity, informed consent, & human rights in general.

I make it a point to try to be polite when dealing with people, & if that fails, I at least try to keep things civil... but that said, I can be awkward, & sometimes... hotheaded.

I am not a fan of authoritarianism or government - firmly believing in our rights to privacy, personal autonomy, & self defense.

While I am a firm believer in the right to defending ourselves, I'm not a fan of violence in general, punishments, or retaliatory measures... believing that sort of thinking is a huge part of what got and keeps humanity in such a dire state.

I am not a follower of any organized religion, though depending on how you define "religious", I suppose it could be said that I have many beliefs that I practice religiously. (Such as opposing violations of informed consent & human rights!)

I believe truth can be found in all sorts of places, & each religion has its truths to share.

While I am personally morally opposed to abortion, I will always support people's rights to informed consent & making decisions regarding any medical procedures they choose to undergo or decline.

That includes circumcision - which should be a decision left up to the person the genitalia belong to.

I feel the mantra of "My Body, My Choice" should be applicable as a rule, whether it's regarding what you consume, what procedures you undergo or decline, or pretty much anything else.

If you don't have say over your own body, you have no say at all.

If you find any of what I share intolerable, for whatever reason, I would ask that you hide it from your feed, hide ME from your feed, or at worst just hit the unfriend button.

Generally speaking, I think censorship is bad business & if you can't interact with me, without trying to have me censored, then I probably don't want to know you anyway. (I'm also of the opinion, if you feel you must resort to censoring those you disagree with as they engage in civil discourse, then your position/argument is not strong enough to withstand honest questions & objective scrutiny.)

For those who accept me as I am & share my general perspective, much love. It's nice to have like-minded people who understand & appreciate you. <3

For those who like me well enough despite some seriously differing views in various areas, much love to you guys, too. :) Thanks for being there, despite our differences of opinions. <3

For those who I don't really know, I'd be happy to get to know you better, provided you are cool enough to be reasonable even with those you disagree with.

And for those who are intolerant of opposing views, vicious, &/or would "hate me & everything I represent" - wishing ill upon my family & I - feel free to see your way off my profile as I seriously can't see why you'd want to stick around here anyway. Have a nice life - without me in it.

Peace & love people. <3 ^_^ ]

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