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new I/ENFP

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Hey there!

I'm new to the forum, though I have been studying up on personality theories for quite some time (was a Psych major) and have often come across this site and read some great forum posts.

I'm an I/ENFP, I guess, because I seem to flip back and forth between the I and the E, depending on when I take the test. I guess I am pretty evenly divided. The NFP part has never changed, though, and I first took the test 10 years ago, as a teenager. I've tested every few years since then.

One of the reasons that I am so interested in this personality theory system in particular is that I feel I match very well the descriptions of both of these personality types (as I said, a little bit more the I), so I think there is really something that makes sense here....

Strength of preferences: most recent test said I was 25% N, 75% F, and 57% P. So the F is definitely the most pronounced preference that I have.

I work in the arts (theatre design and sometimes acting, teaching art to elementary school kids and filling in the gaps as a children's birthday party entertainer--facepainting, storytelling and puppetry). I have worked in the non-profit sector and in some ways, it fits well, because I am always trying to figure out how I can use my time and talent and energy to help the world, but in many ways it is hard, because when I believe in a cause, it's easy for me to over-extend myself and sacrifice other areas of my life. Probably something I need to check out on an Enneagram test or something, I don't know. At any rate, I mostly stay away from that, now, except for short term projects, but I still dream of how I can help other people in a way that will bring me joy as well. Sometimes I think I would really like to be an expressive arts therapist, and other days I am convinced that I need to find a way to use the arts for social change and community building...anyway, soul searching about my life path right now, but I think I am always doing that.....isn't that fitting with my personality types, too?

Most of my hobbies are in the arts/writing. I do a lot of visual art and write a lot, and I feel I have to, just to keep myself healthy (learned quickly in college that if I did not have at least one creative expression type course per semester, I would simply get miserable! Even though I loved Psychology....ended up getting a concentration in Theatre Arts as well. I love travel and new experiences, love reading and exploring new places....I really like meeting and getting to know a variety of people.

That's probably enough about me for now. Looking forward to getting to know some of you (cyber-space style) through the forums!
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Hey :)

That's so cool - I'm an enfp too, though I do sometimes split to Infp because there are a lot of things which I end up keeping to myself. I get really uncomfortable if I can't express myself though, so proboably more of the E.
I do find it pretty interesting how you've changed over the years, I'm just a teenager now, and bout to go off to Uni so I'ma look out for how that effect me :)
It's also quite coincidential that you're involved in theatre - so am I! Two of my best friends are INFPs. I think we get on so well because we're all a bit freakish, but their introversion compliments my extraversion. I have one ENFP friend and we get on really well too - but we can piss each other off because we talk over each other.

Anyways, all that random info aside - hi! :)xx
Cyber-space style is quite interesting indeed!

Welcome and Enjoy!:happy:
Welcome to the forum :happy:
Welcome to the forum!:happy:
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