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Hello my name is Jasmine. I'm 20 years old and I live in Sydney.
I came across Myers- Briggs three years ago and it changed my life. I had pretty much NO self perception and what I did have was incongruent with reality. Before I found Myers- Briggs I didn't know who I was and I still don't really know but it has helped me a lot.

The first time I ever took the personality test I got ENFP. I think this is what I wanted to be though. I wanted to be out-going and free-spirited but after I analysed my results it became apparent that I was an INFP when I discovered I was an introvert. After I looked at the functional stack however, I realised I was an INFJ. At first this was hard for me to accept but after I read the description, everything made sense. Nothing has ever described me better than the INFJ descriptions.

I've always wanted to be a doctor but right now I'm studying at university to become an english teacher. I write fiction novels in my spare time and paint as well.

I don't have many recollections of my childhood but it wasn't a bad childhood so I don't understand why I repress so many of my personal experiences. I also have no recollections of dreams so when I go to sleep a couple of seconds pass and it's the morning but nothing happens in between. Occasionally I will remember a dream randomly if something triggers it.

I could still be wrong about my type. I have no one in real life to compare it to because no one I know really follows Myers- Briggs except one friend I have who is an INTP. I asked my ex boyfriend to take the test shortly before our break-up and he typed as INFJ but we seem very different so that confused me a bit.

I think I wanted to join personality Cafe to make some new friends/ connections and also to discover more about myself. That might sound a bit selfish but I really am in the dark when it comes to self- perception. I'm basically a blob floating through space. I have to look in the mirror just to remember that I'm real. Sometimes time itself seems jumbled up and I think it's because of my lack of acknowledgment that I am an entity moving through space and time. That sounds really dramatic but I don't feel attached to my body. I also don't understand how others perceive me but I think I worry about that too much.

My defence mechanisms to avoid anxiety include repression and projection. I often feel people don't like me but maybe I think that because I don't like them? I almost pick up energy from people and I feel I know exactly who someone is straight away, but maybe I'm just projecting and It's impossible to "read" someone.

I love nature and I find happiness when I look at trees or a sunset.

I'm also vegan (I don't eat animal products or animals) and I really enjoy the challenge and I feel really good about it. I'm not using veganism to hide behind an eating disorder, but I feel as though it's saved me from one. Before, if I ate, I felt a lot of guilt and anxiety- I'm not sure, but I think I had anorexia for maybe a year and maybe more than that- I dropped 10 kg really fast but everyone was telling me how good I looked so I thought I was doing the right thing. I would be happy if I felt hungry and guilty if I was full. It took me a long time to realise I wasn't thinking properly. I was obsessed with food and calorie counting. But eating vegan takes a lot of the guilt away and I can eat normal and healthy portions of food without feeling anxiety or guilt anymore. I'm a very healthy weight now. When I was in Europe there weren't a lot of options in some places so I had to eat this dish that had milk in it and all those negative emotions came back and I felt so bad for days. I think veganism is my coping strategy and it really helps and also it's great for the environment and the animals. Only one other person knows about that part of my life so it's weird to tell the internet, but it feels really refreshing at the same time.

Anyway, I hope my intro wasn't too long. I'm very excited to participate in posts and explore other people's personalities. Thanks for listening :D

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Hey Jasmine! I used to be vegan too but I couldn't build muscle well enough sadly. I agree though, I had way less ED thoughts.
Anyways, the reason why your boyfriend acts different than you as a supposed INFJ is because of the enneagram.
Welcome, and have fun exploring!

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Welcome, Jasmine!
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