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Okey, I don't know. I don't like to this introducing things. I mean! I know that my mind is like a tree with growing new trees at the end of each branch. And that makes it a never ending loop-thing. And that's why I have a hard time explaining when I come up with some idea or something.
The funny thing is that the only order i have is in my head, I can't get any order from writing- nor verbally.

The funny thing is that the only real order I have- is in my head. I can't get it right with the words - nor can I manage to get it out verbally at al times.
If any other INFJ's read this you've probably seen this one:

*edit* No I can't post a link yet but.. Maybe I can if you look at my profile? DAMN bot it's too out of context .. what-evz xD*

Or at least you can relate
Or just understand :>

Well uhm. Yeah.. I'm from Sweden. And.. damn, would be so sad if no one responded here.
But nothing serious it would be over in the next tap i click ^^
yeah hi

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