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new INTJ female saying hello - so excited to have found this site

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Just stumbled across this community a little while ago and was ever so excited. Where have you been all my life? A place to talk about my freakishly weird but preciously unique personality with others who may be experiencing some of the same things (why does the rest of the world not get it) as me? I think I might camp out here for a while when I should be doing other "productive" things.

So, I'm a 30 year old female INTJ. I found out I was an INTJ when I was 23, tipped off by my aunt who is also INTJ, and it changed my life to find out that I was not after all some psychologically deficient mistake of a person. All my life I'd believed that no one thought the same way I did but also thought that couldn't be possible, so I was "messed up" somehow. Wow, finding out there was a label for me, that I could be classified, that there were others like me out there--totally changed my life.

Being INTJ is a huge part of me. I love it, would never want to be any other type, but it has its challenges, and for me, it's been a life-long process of learning how to survive and thrive as an INTJ.

I recently moved to Japan (two months ago) where I'm teaching English, and being here as a female INTJ is also a really big adjustment. There's lots I could say on that, but maybe this isn't the right forum.

I'm really looking forward to talking to other folks about personality stuff, especially other female INTJs. I'll look around and start reading. Nice to meet everyone!

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