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Hello. I am new here but I am undecided on Perception vs. Judgment.
On the tests I received INTP.
My mindset is like this. My thoughts are well organized. I follow through plans in my mind but do not make physical plans. I am very decisive and determined at things but also get bored easily which leads me to not complete the things I was determined at. While I do not have a tidy room and often don't care, my special items (ie. books) are all ordered be genre and then by author, and then by chronological order if they fall into a series. The same can be said for my movie and games collection. I have done thorough research on the discussion between INTx but I truly cannot decide. Maybe I am an anomaly that is fully functional in both Types. I have read through both type descriptions and I fit them both to the dot except for one thing from both.

I do not have the easiness of INTP, I am very serious and rule-bound and dislike changes (not counting new learning experiences).
I do not have the physical orderliness of INTJ but mentally this is fruitful.

Well, I would be grateful for an analysis of my description. I'll see you all around.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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