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Hello PerC,

A new private group has just been formed by a friend of mine (Merry in Sunshine) called Project TI (or Type-Interactions). It’s a group that’ll be encouraging various MBTI types to communicate each with other.

Now, I understand that some may say the following: “it’s pretty much Socionics or a PerC within a PerC”. Such assertions are not entirely false (but not true as well). While it is true that focusing on type-interactions is something that Socionics does in a theoretical sense while PerC does so through creating a common medium and assuming it will happen, our group differs in the following respects:

Project TI is a group seeking to encourage intentional type-interactions not on theory but on the everyday experience of meeting a stranger and getting to know them. PerC creates the medium for it to happen while Socionics theorizes. We’re intentional and not theoretical (but rather experiential), in other words. There will be no getting to know your fellow type but rather a type different from your own. We encourage interacting with types close to yours or radically different from it.

We’ll discuss our experiences, stereo-types, and new understandings of each other. As of now, an initial development thread has been posted in the group for commentary on how to develop the group.

If you’re interested in joining, please message my friend Merry in Sunshine

(link to her profile page:

Don’t worry, she’s aware of this thread, and will be expecting messages soon. She’s also awesome (like a rainbow kitten). In your message, tell her the following:

1. Your type
2. Talk about why you want to join and would like to contribute
3. Who you are in general
4. Anything else

Here’s an example:

“Hello Merry in Sunshine,

I’m an INFJ, and I would like to join the group as I’ve always wanted to understand people different from myself. I can contribute greatly as I love reading articles on MBTI theory, and even have some original thoughts on the whole matter. I’m friendly, new to this, and wanting to make friends.”

Simple, right?

As of now, we’re seeking at least one person from each of the 16 MBTI types. We’re not terribly selective, and only wanting this group to benefit those with similar interests; but, of course, you need to seem like a nice person, and that you will take this group seriously enough to participate in it more often than not :)

Hope to hear from you soon!

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It's finally out!

This is so exciting! :D

I'd just like to say it's not as scary as it might sound to some. Prior to PerC I did not have any intentional interaction with any MBTI type.

Realeros was the first person I've ever interacted with while first knowing his MBTI type. It was awkward at first, I'm not gonna lie, and I wasn't sure where things were going but after a very short while, in matter of days, our interaction became so great and we felt open to share our true thoughts on life and MBTI and personal experiences and everything in between. He truly gave me hope to do greater things than what I usually do (which is pretty simple, mind you).

One day I just thought "Gosh, I can't believe my vision on that specific MBTI type has changed so much. I wonder how things would be once I actually talk to other types, even rare ones or just people whom I fear to approach on real life".

And so I did. I started talking to people here on the forum (and to those who've seen me, I say "Hi"). Knowing the type definitely changes the way you "see" people. I'm not saying I talked to people thinking only about their type, they know it's not true, but reading people's posts and comments on things while knowing which type they "represent" definitely helps to add up.

If not for Realeros, I wouldn't have thought to make this an actual project. Once I told him about my thoughts he realized that it's a chance of having a better understanding of people for everyone, and that something that could be so great should be open for whoever is willing to participate or is just interested in seeing what it is.

So he convinced me (yes, I blame you!) and here we are. It's not as big as it might sound. Even just by sharing your thoughts on interacting with people, those people who stand behind each type, you can bring so many others, including yourselves, to understanding people better.

And wouldn't we all want to have better communication with people, be it on the internet or outside of it, and with ourselves?

To me, this is an opportunity to open myself to those I'm not used to and to overcome my personal fear of rejection. I believe I'm not alone on that aspect.

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1. Your type ENFJ
2. Talk about why you want to join and would like to contribute I used to be in a Skype group with some members of this website which was fun and interesting so why not :)
3. Who you are in general I suppose youl find out due to the point of this group haha :)
4. Anything else Not sure hm..
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