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Hey Guys,

Just joined after stumbling across this lovely forum the other day. It's a great find for me, everything seems a lot more involving (get a real sense of community here) than any other MBTI forums I have looked at.

Well anyway, I found out about 3 months ago after thinking I was an INTJ for 9 years that I was in fact an INTP. Funny story really, I was misleading myself by not answering the questions asked with 100% honesty, instead answering what I thought would be more cool (really dumb I know). Anyway I decided to give it another crack, but this time honestly, and it turned out I was an INTP.

I found that the description as INTP was scarily accurate regarding my personality, especially about being genuinely intelligent, but never realizing any true potential (me all over but trying to change). I'm actually quite happy to not be an INTJ anymore, this type is grea and miles more true to my character.

So erm... Just saying hello and that I have really enjoyed all of your posts, it's been very insightful.

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