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Hi everyone.

I am clelius, a new user.

I have been lurking for a while on this forum, and eventually have decided to sign up due to my increasing interest in MBTI and other stuff related to personality.

I still am unsure about my myers-briggs type because I've taken a lot of tests and thse are all the types I scored:


The ones I scored the most often are ISTJ, ISTP and INTP though.

Maybe I am an IXXX? I don't know.

The type I relate to the most is INTP, but I am not sure.

I don't blame the tests, though. My personality is pretty hard to describe and identify.

By the way, a few things about me:
I like playing video games (except RPGs online), reading comics and books (I'm mostly into sci-fi and fantasy) and drawing in my spare time.
I am also trying to learn Japanese at the moment (as for the alphabets, I am doing well with Hiragana and Katakana, but Kanji is hard).
I also am very interested in Japanese culture; despite that, I don't really like a lot of manga/anime, but there are a few ones I really like.

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Welcome, to the forum, Clelius. You will find plenty of INTPs here. What are the few anime shows you like?
I like Pandora Hearts, Shingeki no Kyojin and Death Note.

I used to watch Keroro as a kid, but I don't anymore.

I occasionally read Fairy Tail and watch Naruto, but I'm not really a fan.
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