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This is what I think.
We should all post videos of ourselves answer the following questions:
1.) Favorite thing to do
2.) Favorite School Subject
3.) Favorite food and clothing style
4.) favorite movies/books
5.) person you admire most
6.) anything else about INFP's in general

Please add questions that you think would be good.

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aw. nobody replied yet. i saw the thread on page 2, and i felt bad. i hate it when i make a thread that people seem to ignore. i'll make a video!
but i can't at this moment.

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I vote for an optional crazier section:

- What would you do in a zombie apocalypse/best weapon?

- Would you rather lose your legs or your arms?

- What colour lightsaber would you pick? and Jedi / Sith and why?

- (male only) If you were to lose your testicles or your eyes, which would you pick and why? (no half/ half deals)

- Favourite Villain! Fictional or Real.

- If you were in a band, what instrument would you play?

- Finish the following sentence: "The meaning of life is:...................." (Don't be too lame)

- What do you think is after death? What would you like to be after death? What's your idea of hell?

- What was the last crazy dream you can remember?

- What book out of the following options could be best applied to real life?
[A] Sun Tzu - The Art of War The Bible/Koran/other religious text [C] Amazing Mazes - Puzzle book [D] Anarchists Cookbook

- If you could only eat Fruit/Veg OR Meat for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

- Guilty pleasures: please list as many as you have.

- come up with the most awesome synthetic/mythical/inventive creature of destruction possible "ie. Robotic T-rex with motherfucking eyelasers and a jetpack!"

- space filler
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