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Hello all! I am a new member here, and I just wanted to get to know a bit more about people in general (and some people specifically). I believe the personality types say more about a person than they would sometimes like to admit, so here we go!

I took the Enneagram test, and I scored highest with 3 types. I had a 5 in Type 3, 6, and 9. I have no idea what that really means or says about me...

My ISTJ personality rounds out like so:

very expressed introvert 78%
slightly expressed sensing personality 12%
distinctively expressed thinking personality 62%
very expressed judging personality 93%

Again, not really sure what this means. I've read what my personality type says, and it fits me almost to the T, but how it actually translates to how I am as a person, I don't know. I see myself as a reliable, loyal, hardworking person who has a tendency to sometimes worry too much or get stressed to the point of burnout.

Anyway, not really sure what else goes in an intro, so there it is. I look forward to meeting you all! :)
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